9 healthcare nightmares experienced by Transgender people

Being different in anyway is kind of a crime in today’s society. The philosophy of if ‘something is different, it should be killed’ or at least supressed is the norm in today’s society where people different form us are treated on separate terms and conditions altogether.


Such is the travesty face by transgender people. Some of them shared their experiences at the medicinal facilities across the country. Thousands of people used #TransHealthFail hash tag on Twitter to share their stories. Some of the stories are truly incredible tales of pure callousness on the part of people who swore to provide medical care without any discrimination or differentiation.

Here are 9 such tales of medical care nightmares face by transgender people.


1 When doctors ignore your health because of your lifestyle

Doctors tend completely ignore ailments as they might have a problem with the lifestyle of the person who has come for help, as evident from the picture above. The only problem with the patient is listed as gender identity disorder.

This happens when doctors or medical health care professionals do not care for the person because of their personal or professional biases. Or maybe they simply don’t care for the fact that there is a person who has a different way of living their life needs some medical help.

When doctors ignore your health because of your lifestyle

Image Source: www.twitter.com/brandynriver

2 Too much curious doctors

Most of the times, medical professionals are ill equipped to handle health related problems of transgender people. Hence they rely upon whatever they learn and train during their career. But most of the times, this learning does not involve how to take care of transgender health problems nor do they have enough training on how to handle their problems.


Doctors and nurses are also not trained on how to go about asking transgender people about what kind of problems they are having. Sometimes they ask questions which are not related to the problems in anyway and this can create some really awkward situation sometimes. Like in the above picture when an unnecessary question is asked just because of the sake of asking it.

Too much curious doctors

Image Source: www.twitter.com/lizduckchong

3 When doctors refuse to treat transgender patients

Sometimes healthcare professionals refuse to treat patients because of their choice of sexual orientation. As the twitter user shared their experience in the above, this was the second doctor who had refused to treat the patient.

She was crude enough to mock the person who had come to seek medical help, something that they are sworn to do. They take an oath to treat every patient without differentiating anyone on basis of anything.

When doctors refuse to treat transgender patients

Image Source: www.twitter.com/RadioOsito

4 Even health insurance providers tend to fail hard

One of the major culprits in avoidance of medical help is the health insurance companies who proceed to deny transgender people insurance on basis of them changing genders. They use their procedural terminology and set rules as grounds to reject insurance payments of transgender patients when they find a hospital or a doctor that treats them like a common human being.

Even health insurance providers tend to fail hard

Image Source: www.twitter.com/chasestrangio

5 Medical professionals disregard knowledge of how to treat you

As mentioned above some health care professionals are not taught how to deal with the problems associated with transgender people. It is a very uncommon subject to be taught in medical school some years before and hence some older health care professionals would not be able to help transgender people.

Medical professionals disregard knowledge of how to treat you

Image Source: www.twitter.com/tprideDallas


6 Petty excuses made up by doctors

Some doctors just do not want to help you plain and simple. They just want you out of their offices as they don’t want to deal with you or your transgender problems. It is better to report such doctors and find someone who is more helpful and knowledgeable.

Petty excuses made up by doctors

Image Source: www.twitter.com/revsean

7 Too much of thoroughness in check-up

Sometimes doctors and nurses are stickler to the procedures and follow them blindly whether or not they apply to you. They are either simply disinterested or don’t want to take any blame if something goes wrong. For such cases, common sense goes out of the window and in comes procedures.

Too much of thoroughness in check-up

Image Source: www.twitter.com/ParkerMolloy

8 No right to have any privacy of any kind

Some people just want to watch the world burn, especially yours. It is a simple thing called doctor-patient confidentiality, but some doctors don’t care about that just because you are a transgender. They knowingly or unknowingly may tell your family or parents to whom you have not been comfortable yet to share your change.

No right to have any privacy of any kind

Image Source: www.twitter.com/eidolon777

9 Trying to bring humor into serious situations

When doctors try to bring ill found humor into situations that can certainly do without it. The trait of being a smart alec is good when you have patients that can handle your talent. But when you have a patient that already goes through barbs and ill-fated comments about what they are and their choice; please keep the smart comments on hold.

Trying to bring humor into serious situations

Image Source: www.twitter.com/TheRedGrrl


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