9 healthcare nightmares experienced by Transgender people


Being different in anyway is kind of a crime in today’s society. The philosophy of if ‘something is different, it should be killed’ or at least supressed is the norm in today’s society where people different form us are treated on separate terms and conditions altogether.

Such is the travesty face by transgender people. Some of them shared their experiences at the medicinal facilities across the country. Thousands of people used #TransHealthFail hash tag on Twitter to share their stories. Some of the stories are truly incredible tales of pure callousness on the part of people who swore to provide medical care without any discrimination or differentiation.

Here are 9 such tales of medical care nightmares face by transgender people.


1 When doctors ignore your health because of your lifestyle

Doctors tend completely ignore ailments as they might have a problem with the lifestyle of the person who has come for help, as evident from the picture above. The only problem with the patient is listed as gender identity disorder.

This happens when doctors or medical health care professionals do not care for the person because of their personal or professional biases. Or maybe they simply don’t care for the fact that there is a person who has a different way of living their life needs some medical help.

When doctors ignore your health because of your lifestyle

Image Source: www.twitter.com/brandynriver


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