Archaeologists discovered an 800 year old pot. What the found inside is totally amazing!

Now and then the earth throws up some amazing gifts of its bounty. There have been phenomenal historical discoveries with proof of civilizations as well as artifacts that alter our perception of history. But this particular discovery was even more remarkable and unique. This was almost like the magic beans of Jack and beanstalk.

In 2008, archaeologists discovered a simple clay pot on Anishinaabe Indian land reservation in Wisconsin. It wasn’t the pot that was the cause of amazement it was what was inside the pot that baffled scientists. They were just seeds. A whole bunch of seeds that resembled pumpkin or squash seeds inside the pot. The incredible fact of finding a clay pot with seeds was the fact that carbon dating pegged it at 800 years old.

1 What Was So Amazing About Seeds In Clay Pot?

The huge squash seeds well preserved in a clay pot teaches us a thing or two on the fantastic methods of preservation that existed ages ago. It also proves how humans influenced the quality of natural products as compared to the present day.

The seeds scientifically known as Cucurbita maxima were handed over to seed keepers of the White earth Land Recovery Project and its founder Winona LaDuke who named the seeds: Gete Okosomin” which in Anishinaabe language means “Cool Old Squash”. But the best is yet to come. When cultivating the seeds, this is what the project found.

Seeds In Clay Pot

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