8 Things for which women in America still struggle for


World over, men have dominated over the women since the dawn of humanity. Women have always been considered as less deserving and have been subjugated in every aspect of life. They have been always paid less than men because of the common mindset that men are smarter, stronger, and a better performer than women.

In order to create equality in the society, many countries provide special rights to women. When talking about women’s struggles around the world, many of us probably would not think of the US as one of the places where women still struggle for several things, but as other places, here too women suffer. Read on to know about the 8 things for which women in America still struggle for.


1 Paid maternity leave

Maternity leave is a short term leave which is given to the new or future mother before and after the childbirth. There are several countries that offer paid maternity leave. In the United Kingdom, paid maternity leave is given for 40 weeks, 15 weeks in Canada, and 14 weeks in China.

There are only three countries that do not provide paid maternity leave. The United States is one of those three.


However, four states in the US and some private companies offer paid maternity leave. Is it enough in a country like America? Definitely, not and this often becomes the reason for mothers to quit their jobs. In a report, it had been found that 43% of women left their job during pregnancy.

Paid maternity leave

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2 Full reproductive rights

In America, abortion is legal at the federal level. But, in several states, it becomes very difficult for women to make their own reproductive choice. For instance, women are forced to undergo an abortion only in the hospital and they have to consult with a doctor before the abortion.

Full reproductive rights

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3 Gender Pay Gap

The United States hold 65th position in the world on gender pay equality. In the United States, there is a huge Gender Pay Gap. Women in America still get paid 78 cents on the dollar, which is very low when compared with the wages of their male counterparts. Even till date, Congress has not passed the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Gender Pay Gap

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4 No freedom from catcalling

Street harassment is so rooted that it becomes a usual thing for many people. Women are usually verbally harassed as they walk down the streets in the States, and still no law has been implemented to protect women from catcalling. However, countries like France, Peru, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Iceland have enacted a law to protect women from catcalling.

Freedom from catcalling

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5 Safe births

The United States is one in eight countries in the world where the rate of maternal death is increasing because of unplanned pregnancies and lack of proper health care facilities. Other countries that fall in this category include Belize, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and El Salvador. In Studies, it has been found that in 2013, 18.5 women died per 100,000 births. In the 1990s, this rate was 12.4 women per 100,000 births.

Safe births

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6 Sexual assault

Sexual assault against women is a pressing issue and the statistics of sexual assault show a very disturbing trend in the US. During the release of the White House report in 2014, Vice president Biden claimed that one in every five college girls has been sexually assaulted. What is more scary is that sexually assaulted victim do not come in front as they feel that they will be viewed as liars. According to the National Sex Offender Public Website, only 16% of the cases get reported to law enforcement agencies.

Sexual assault

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7 Number of elected female leaders

The United States is at the bottom list when it comes to electing women in federal office. Currently, women representatives are less than 20% when compared with the total U.S congressional representatives.

Equal number of elected female leaders

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8 Birth control Pills

In many parts of the world, you can buy birth control pills without consulting a doctor or prescription. But, in the United States, women can buy birth control pills from medical stores only when they carry a prescription with themselves.

Birth control Pills

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Women have always suffered and women in America are still struggling to have equal rights, but the sad part is that no concrete steps are being taken. The most important weapon that can bring about any change is education. People, especially men need to understand the correct importance of women and give them equal rights and equal respect.


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