8 Scientifically proven signs of high intelligence you never knew about

We all know how tests of cognitive abilities can tell precisely how intelligent someone is. And psychologists are always in search of new, more effective ways to measure someone’s intelligence. But on the other hand, there are some characteristics that can help them determine how smart someone actually is.

What follows is the list of 8 scientifically proven signs of high intelligence you never knew about.


1 You can easily adapt to changes

You don’t see yourself as a victim of changes in life. Instead, you know how to accept them and adapt to them. You understand that changes are inevitable and you welcome them because of it. For you, a change means opportunity for improvement.

Changes ahead

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2 You have a cat

The research from 2014 that included 600 college students showed that people who identified themselves as dog lovers are more open that those who considered themselves cat lovers. However, cat lovers scored better on the test of cognitive abilities.

Woman playing with cat

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3 You are lazy

Some studies prove that lazy people are actually enjoying the thinking process. While on the other hand, those who don’t are always looking to bury themselves with work so they can escape their thoughts. So next time people criticize you for being unwilling to get out of the bed, know that you are not actually lazy, but a person who enjoys the thinking process.

Sleeping on the couch

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4 You worry too much

Research has shown that people who are anxious are far more likely to be smarter than the others. The result of the study that dealt with this issue showed that people who worry too much are achieving much better results on the tests of verbal intelligence. In conclusion, next time you are worried you should know that the anxiety you are having is actually in correlation with high intelligence.

worry too much

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