8 Oldest ladies who became a mother

Clinics can now administer sperm, eggs, and embryos into any woman who wants to become a mother; and this has given rise to even older women applying for a procedure in order to become mother at advanced stages of their lives. The process is called In Vitro Fertilization and it combines the former and hormonal drug therapy, in which a woman inserts herself with hormones several times a day.


The possibility of a woman conceiving a healthy baby after the age of 42 is low. The quality of a woman’s eggs becomes lower and lower with the increase of their age. Most answerable private fertility clinics do not treat any woman who is over the age of 50.

Possibly every woman on this list has ignited public arguments on the morals and ethics of their decisions. Some of these women were despairing to have children. A few others had more complex reasons, such as the burden to carry on the family line.


Here are the 8 oldest ladies who became mother via natural birth or using IVF technology.

8 Lauren Cohen – 58 Year Old

In December 2004, Lauren Cohen gave birth to a daughter, Raquel at the age of 58 years. But the more shocking part is that in May 2006, she again became mother and that too of a pair of twins Gregory and Giselle. She was previously the mother of a 26-year-old daughter, Renee.


She used the embryos from her first IVF treatment in 2004. But in place of just destroying them, she and her husband decided to have more kids. Lauren was one month away from being 60 years old, at the time of the twin’s birth. If you are interested in using IVF to help you conceive then you might be interested in checking out the top ivf doctor here.

Lauren Cohen – 58 Year Old

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The reason behind her becoming a mother 60 years old is her husband, Frank Garcia is 20 years younger to her and she wanted him to have a family. “I knew it would make him happy […] I didn’t want him to be alone,” she said addressing to the possibility of her dying before her husband.

Lauren needs to take up to a hundred pills a day. And she also does yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes in order to stay fit and healthy. Though her eldest daughter, Renee has vowed never to set foot in Lauren’s home again due to her decision to become a mother at close to 60 years of age .


7 Ann Stopler – 58 years old

Ann Stolper gave birth to her own twin granddaughters, Itai and Maya, on December 1, 2006, at the age of 58. She was the substitute mother for her daughter Caryn.

Caryn had a hysterectomy when she was 25 after her cancer analysis. She couldn’t have a child using the traditional methods, so before her radiation treatment, doctors collected Caryn’s eggs for later use. When she made a full recovery, she started to look for options, so that she could have a child with her husband Ayal.


Ann Stolper, the grandmother, was fit and completely available. She offered to carry the fertilized eggs to term. Ann gave birth to Caryn’s two baby girls six weeks early.

Ann Stopler

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6 Dawn Brooke – 59 years old

Dawn Brooke was 59 years old when she gave birth to a boy naturally without the aid of IVF treatment. She had mistaken her pregnancy indicators for cancer.

Mrs. Brooke’s son, 41, said “when they told us, we all gave Ray [the father] a round of applause. He and mum are both extremely healthy and active and having a youngster to bring up is now a large part of that.”


“The boy is extremely creative and mathematical […] the lad’s got a phenomenal IQ. I think he’ll do extremely well in later life.” The whole family has genes which make them young in age, even as they grow. Brooke’s adult children look about 5 to 10 years younger than they are. And this could be the cause of her success in conceiving a child.
Brooke says, “it was a very easy pregnancy. I wasn’t sick and I didn’t have any mad cravings.”

Dawn Brooke - 59 years old

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5 Jeanine Salomone – 62-Year-Old

One of the most controversial cases and one that was investigated by the French police, Jeanine Salomone gave birth to a boy in 2001, at the age of 62.


The controversial part is that the the two eggs donated to Jeanine were that of her brother, Robert.
Jeanine’s story was controversial and yielded a French investigation. Jeanine gave birth to a baby boy in 2001 at the age of 62. But the two eggs donated to Jeanine came from the sperm of her brother, Robert. Jeanine defended herself by saying that she desired to carry on her genetic line by passing on her brother’s genes.

Dr. Sahakian who treated Jeanine with IVF said that he did not know the condition. He believed that the couple was married and acknowledged to making limited checks on the personal lives of his patients.

Jeanine Salomone – 62-Year-Old

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4 Annegret Raunigk – 65 years old

Annegret Raunigk holds the record for being the oldest woman ever to deliver quadruplets. The 65-year-old gave birth to quadruplets – three boys and one girl. The babies were born three months early and were delivered by C-section. All the 4 babies weighed between 1 lb 7 oz and 2 lbs 2 oz.

Before giving birth to 4 babies, Raunigk already has 13 children ranging from ages 9 to 40 years old. She is also the grandmother of seven grandchildren, aged 15 to 26 years old.

Annegret Raunigk

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3 Adriana Iliescu – 66 years old

Adriana Iliescu was already half past 66 years of age when she gave premature birth to a 3 lb girl in 2005 via the IVF treatment. She had undergone the IVF treatment for nine years before giving birth.

Iliescu always sought to have children of her own, but was unable to conceive naturally. But when IVF treatment was invented, she saw a hope and got herself admitted for the treatment.

“If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 by the time I pass away,” she says. Religious groups say she is “grotesque,” “horrifying,” and “the work of the devil.”


The doctor who did the IVF treatment reasoned it by saying that Adriana is in good health. Eliza, the baby girl, is doing well.

Adriana Iliescu

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2 Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara- 67 years old

Maria became the oldest mother to give birth on December 29, 2006 when she gave birth to twins and she was 7 days shy of her 67th birthday.


She had lied to doctors about her age for her to get the IVF treatments, and had told them that she was 55 years old. Most clinics won’t treat woman over 50, so even the age of 55 was questionable. She had to sell her house to pay for IVF, which cost a total of $59,000.

Critics labeled her decision as “selfish, unnatural and wrong. Her children innocent victims…” Her brothers criticized her. But Maria Bousada defended herself, saying “everyone has to have children at the right time for them. This was the right time for me.”

She died on July 11, 2009 from ovarian cancer, when her sons were 2 years old.

Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara

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1 Omkari Panwar – 70 years old

Omkari Panwar became the oldest woman in world to give birth, when she became the mother of two children at the age of 70 on June 27, 2008.

She had also lied about her age to take the IVF treatment. The twins were born a month early and weighed only 2 lbs each. The doctors had to deliver them by emergency C-section. But both children came out healthy at the time of birth.


The Panwars already have two adult daughters, and five grandchildren. But they wanted a son to carry on their family name and act as an heir for the family’s properties. Omkari’s husband Charam had to sell his cattle; he took a loan on his land and spent his life savings along with taking out a credit loan just to pay for the IVF treatment. “The treatment cost me a fortune, but the birth of a son makes it all worthwhile. I can die a happy and a proud father.”

Omkari Panwar - 70 years old

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