8 Amazing Grandfather’s who have No Idea about the Concept of Age

There are many men and women for whom the phrase, “age is just a number” holds very true. If you feel that being healthy and having a fabulous body is the prerogative of the young, then these 8 people may just make you bite your words. If you remain committed to health as a daily routine, then there’s no limit to how you can look even when you’re 60. Take a look at these 8 amazing grandfathers who have no idea about the concept of age. Their incredible bodies will put even youngsters to shame.

8 Andreas Cahling

Who can believe that Andreas Cahling is actually 63 years old? With a body like that, he is the envy of many. Andreas has always been a bodybuilder and has also won the IFBB Mr. International Title in 1980.

Andreas Cahling

Image Source: www.cdninstagram.com

7 Sam Bryant

Sam Bryant is 70 years old. With an amazing physique, Bryant is even fitter than men half his age. The Professional bodybuilder has participated in several shows when younger and took to bodybuilding at the age of 44 to relieve the stress of a failed marriage. Grandpa Bryant is now an inspiration to many wannabe bodybuilders.

Sam Bryant

Image Source: www.yandex.net

6 Rusty Jeffers

Rusty Jeffries can give any young gun a run for his money. With a body like a rock, Jeffers started bodybuilding at the young age of 14. He is an IFBB bodybuilder and at 51, hardly looks his age.

Rusty Jeffers

Image Source: www.beastmotivation.com

5 Bill Grant

Among amazing grandfathers, 69-year-old Bill Grant is a role model for those looking for inspiration for good health and a great physique. Grant is a fitness freak and will put many young bodybuilders to shame.

Bill Grant

Image Source: www.bodybuilding.com

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