711 Million Email Addresses have been Hacked, here’s how to find out if yours is one too

Do you know that your email address has most likely been hacked and now part of a 711 million email database? Yes, in one of the largest episodes of email address breach and hacking, a huge database of hacked emails has been uncovered by a Paris Based security researcher called Benkow.

The hacked email data base is the largest of its kind and contains two separate accounts of data. One is just email addresses which are sold for fees to data seekers while another is an even more serious issue that contains email addresses along with their passwords.


1 Email addresses are being hacked worldwide

The information of such an incident is being widely circulated by a website called “Have I been pawned” or HIPB and is also helping users find out via a search tool if their email address has been pawned or hacked. Just go to the link provided at the end of the article to find out if your email has been hacked. You will get details as to whether your email address is just part of the regular database or is it part of the database that has hacked passwords too.

The security researcher Benkow has uncovered 700 million email addresses that have been harvested including the ones with hacked passwords. HIPB is run by security expert Troy Hunt who was incidentally one of the first people who got his hands on this list which was given to him by Benkow.

hacked email address

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co

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