7 Hair conditions and what do they say about your health

Every part of our body tell us everything you need to know about yourself and also if something is going wrong. This same thing goes with your hair. Any changes of any kind in your hair color, strength, density etc can be indicators of change in your health.

Any type of itching, graying of hair, falling of hair can be indicators of bad health or oncoming of some kind of health issue. We have gathered 7 hair conditions that might be indicators that you have some health issues.

1 Brittle Hair

Cases of hair breaking easily can be catastrophic. And on top of that getting split ends will mean you need to rethink and plan your diet again. Your hair might be breaking and splitting at the ends because you might be consuming too much of processed foods.


As you might know, processed foods like canned food, meats, non-organic vegetables and fast foods are devoid of any kind of nutrients. Most of these foods are packed with salt and fat. Hence lack of nutrients will cause your hair to become brittle and break off. They will also cause split ends.

In order to gain back the solidarity of your hair and stop them from breaking, include more organic and fresh foods in your diet. Include foods like whole grains and consume more Omegs-3 fatty acids along with whole lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Brittle Hair

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