7 DIY Home Decor ideas that can make your life much easier

Having a beautiful home is not easy. From doing the dishes to finishing laundry work to installing wireless home security cameras, life can often get tedious and boring when we don’t have enough ideas. Though it is hard to keep things on track on a regular basis, we have really simple and effective ideas that will make living simple and easy as far as the ideation for home decor goes. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money for these home decor ideas. But if you wanted to add some acrylic prints to tie a lot of your home decor ideas together check out a good guide for purchasing acrylic prints. The ideas are cost effective, easy to do and promise to make your life simple and easy. Keep reading the post to find out what these mind-blowing home decor ideas are! And before you start any DIY project you should make sure you have the right tools for example try drywall screws.


1 Attractive glass jars for the kitchen

How often have you been confused while cooking in the kitchen? Although it can get really annoying to open every single lid to find your favorite spices, you can make things simple by naming them. What you have to do is keep all your spices in glass jars and stick a small piece of chart paper on it. Make sure it is black in colour. Now write the name of the spice on it. Cumin or salt whatever it is. Not only will the glass look pretty but make things easier at home.

Attractive glass jars for the kitchen

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


2 Home-made citronella oil jars

So many of us end up spending a whole lot of money while trying to keep the bugs far away from our garden and lawns! You however can make things easy by simply using these home made citronella oil jars with pretty looking floating candles that will make your outdoor space look lovely and nice. Also they will light up the whole area during summer.

Home-made citronella oil jars

Image Source: www.iruya.com


3 Magazine Holder

A magazine holder is also something you should definitely use in order to make things simple and easy. Don’t let the whole stack of them ruin your happiness and take up unnecessary space. You can keep them in control by adding some of these really simple magazine holders made at home and make your home look good while your magazines stay clipped up.

Magazine Holder

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


4 Leather tray for keys and chains

Have you ever lost a key at home, hunted for it for hours and still weren’t able to find them? If yes, then what you really need right now is a simple and easy looking leather tray. Al you have to do is take a piece of leather in rectangular shape, bring the ends together in such a way that it looks like a tray. Clip them up and place it on your table. You can keep all the home essentials inside without losing it.

Leather tray for keys and chains

Image Source: www.wanelo.com


5 Green paper succulents for a pretty home

Want to make your home look green and clean without having to spend money on buying new plants or growing them? If you found yourself nodding to that question, then try these awesome green paper succulents that will beautify every corner of your home and give it that lovely burst of green you’ve always wanted!

Green paper succulents for a pretty home

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com


6 iPhone holder

Don’t worry about losing your phone anymore. Simply take an empty or used bottle of lotion and turn it into a cell phone holder. You can also hook it next to the charger so that your phone can be in one place and far away from the jumble of cables.

iPhone holder

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


7 Identify your keys

Often we forget which key is used for what. If you’ve been feeling the same, just colour your keys at home using nail polish or paint. And see if you forget things ever after that!

Identify your keys

Image Source: www.jewelpie.com


So try out these cool DIY crafts and see yourself come out as a home décor genius! You can also read DIY projects that you can do with your family on lazy weekends


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