7 Cheap But Amazing Garage Sale Finds That Made Their Owners Extremely Rich

Whenever you chose to go to a garage sale, always keep an eye out for old knick knacks, curios and items of historical value. You never know when you may get lucky and purchase something for a paltry sum which may actually be worth thousands of dollars. In fact even at cheap auctions, the case may be same. Old baseball card, first edition comics and paintings all may be worth a lot. To prove our point, here are 7 of the most valuable garage sale finds that these people were lucky enough to buy which made them rich.


7 $25 Card Table Sold for $541,500

Claire Wiegand Beckman purchased a card table from a garage sale which cost her only $25. It turned out to be an 18th century rare item which she later sold for $541,500. Claire a retired teacher from Bergen County, New Jersey was ecstatic when a New York art dealer Israel Sack Inc paid her the money for the table which turned out to be a rare piece of 6 tables made by Boston furniture maker John Seymour & Co.


18th century table

Image Source: www.shared.com


6 $25 Painting Sold for $79,500

When Wanda Bell of Nashville purchased a painting for $ 25 for her antique collection, she named it “Uncle George”. The painting turned out to be form 1830 and one of the best preserved paintings done by New England artist Sheldon Peck titled “Portrait of a Dark-Haired, Blue-Eyed Gentleman”. Bell soon sold the painting to Connecticut arts dealer Wayne Pratt for $ 79, 500.

Uncle George painting

Image Source: www.artnet.com

5 $2.48 Declaration of Independence Copy Sold for $477,650

Michael Sparks could not believe his ears when he was told he owned one of 200 copies of the American declaration of Independence made by William .J. Stone in 1820. Just 35 copies are in existence and Michael fortunately came across the 36th one at a garage sale. He sold the copy for a whopping $477, 650.


Declaration of Independence Copy

Image Source: www.giveitlove.com


4 Andy Warhol Sketch Purchased for $5 and Valued Over $2 Million

Andy Fields a British businessman one day purchased a painting thinking it was a drawing by a child. It cost him just $5. Although it was done by a child, he did not know that child happened to be one who would become one of the greatest modern artists of our times. It was an Andy Warhol sketch done by the artist when he was 10 years old and in bed suffering from cholera. The subject of the picture is of a thirties singer, Rudy Vallee and the painting was valued at $ 2 million. Fields retained the painting.

Andy Warhol Sketch

Image Source: www.andyfields.co.uk

3 $3 Ceramic Bowl, Sold for $2.2 Million

When a New York family purchased a white bowl at a garage sale find for just $3, they could never have had the remotest idea that they possessed a china bowl worth millions. After 6 years, they learned that it was an antique form the Chinese Hong dynasty. When they put it up for auction, it was purchased by British art dealer Guiseppe Eskenazi for $2.2 million.


Ceramic Bowl

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

2 Tudor Bed Frame Purchased for £2,200, now worth £20 Million

Ian Coulson found a beautifully carved four poster bed in a Chester parking lot of a building that was under renovation. He purchased it for 2,200 pounds in 2010. When he took it to TV historian Jonathan Foyle who tested it for DNA, it was revealed that the bed belonged to King Henry VII in 1468. The bed is now holds a value of 20 million pounds.


Tudor Bed Frame

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com

1 $5 Stock Certificate Valued at $130 Million

One of the biggest garage sale finds was this stock certificate of Coca Cola. A man from California once purchased a stock certificate for a company named Palmer Oil co. That company would ultimately turn out to be Coca Cola. When Tony Marohn purchased the stock certificate in 2008 for $5, he actually fought a legal battle with the beverage giant for an entire year to claim the money. Marohn died in 2010 but his family continued the legal battle which ultimately resulted in a victory that won them $1.8 million from coca Cola.


Stock Certificate Valued

Image Source: www.abcnews.com


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