5 Streaming Services that could keep you ticking through the summer and they are not Amazon Prime or Netflix

When you think of streaming services, only Netflix and Amazon Prime(Or Hulu if you are in the U.S.) come to your mind. It was approximately ten years ago that the idea of streaming videos was brought into our conscience by Netflix and giving us the luxury of watching TV series on our laptops, PCs or even mobile phones and that too by never stepping out of our beds. Now, everyone is looking for the best streaming device so that they can watch all of their favourite shows instantly. The popularity of these streaming services has led to the demand for faster broadband speeds so people can stream without any buffering. Broadband providers have had to develop faster internet speeds for more areas as more people use services like USave (https://usave.co.uk/broadband/) to find fast but affordable broadband.


Soon, these two became synonymous to the idea of on-demand streaming services and somehow overshadowed anyone else who had content no one else was streaming. But this gift of the internet can never keep anything hidden behind the curtains, and here are the ten best of these.


1 Crackle

Launched by Sony, probably this is the only studio who have their own streaming service, and that too for free(and obviously with ads). This service boasts of approximately 200 viewing options and provides access to a whole range of TV series(including Seinfeld and All in the family) and some of the best movies ever released.


Crackle soon plans to launch its own VR enabled web series for its platform


How can you watch it – Desktop, iOS, Windows OS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, smart TVs (Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio), among many others depending on your location.



2 Tubi TV

This is a service that could give some real competition to both Netflix and Amazon Prime. It boasts of over a 1000 TV series and over 50,000 (licensed)movies, all available for free, with advertisements. It also counts MGM, Paramount among others it’s partners and even boasts of sections like Not found on Netflix and Wait, that was a movie? Probably my favourite streaming service.


How can you watch it – Desktop, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Xbox 360, smart TVs.

Tubi TV

Image Source: www.xboxlive.com

3 Warner Archive

Strictly for the movie buffs, this service allows you to attend film school without the student debt. Boasting of around 700 feature films from 1920s to the late 1930s, giving you a peak of the classic cinema prevalent at that time. One has to be literally drunk in the language of movies to understand the significance of this service.


How can you watch it – Desktop, iOS, Android, Apple TV(for 10 bucks a month or 95 bucks a year)

Warner Archive

Image Source: www.kastorskorner.com


4 Shudder

Going by the name, it is not too difficult to guess what this one is about. Curated by the folks over at the AMC networks, this service aims at providing tailor made horror movie content. It’s collection ranges from the classic to the iconic and if you are a horror movie buff, I would suggest you to already shell out $5 a month or $45 year, that too no questions asked.

How can you watch it – Desktop, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One.


Image Source: www.wixstatic.com

5 Kanopy

If you go to college, then this is where you should be spending almost all your time instead of Netflix. This service caters exclusively to college-going population and provides tailor-made content for the latter, ranging from historical dramas, health, science, with a total movie count of over 15,000. Presently, it caters to around 3000 college campuses in over a 119 countries. This service is free for the library card holders, subject to the fact whether their college subscribes to Kanopy or not.


How can you watch it – Desktop, and soon coming on iOS, Android and Chromecast.


Image Source: www.adelphi.edu


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