5 Reasons why getting a tattoo could be a total disaster

You might think that getting a tattoo is a real cool thing to do and that the taboos regarding the practice of body inking have withered away along with passage of time. But you are far from being right. Tattoos are considered uncouth even today. Here are five reasons why you should never get a tattoo.


1 A Tattoo Can Look Tacky

Having a tattoo on your body would immediately make you look different, that too not a very good ‘different’. It robs you of your clean and fresh look. Isn’t that a valid reason for never getting a tattoo?

A Tattoo Can Look Tacky

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2 A Tattoo will reduce your Career Opportunities

If you are on the lookout for a white collar job having tattoos all over you, then you better kiss your career dreams goodbye. Having a tattoo is not considered cool by most of the corporate houses or government sectors. A tattoo immediately gives people a first impression of the person it is on, and believe me, it will not be a very good impression. If you are wondering why you have attended too many fruitless interviews, maybe your tattoo could be one of the major reasons. It is best to never get a tattoo.

A Tattoo will reduce your Career Opportunities

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3 A Tattoo may reduce your Dating Possibilities

It could be true that some girls prefer the ruggedly handsome look. And that some guys like girls who look enigmatic with all their vivid ink marks. But most men and women out there would rather go for people who look clean and tidy. If you have got a perfectly beautiful skin, then there is no harm in leaving it as it is.

A Tattoo may reduce your Dating Possibilities

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4 A Tattoo could get infected

If a tattoo can look tacky, then an infected tattoo is going to look ten times worse. And trust me; there is a great possibility that a tattoo can get you infected if you do not get inked at a hygienic place or if you do not keep the tattoo clean during the initial days. Why go for all that trouble when you could merely stick to your plain, healthy skin? Keep the hygiene factor in mind when you plan on getting a tattoo the next time.

A Tattoo could get infected

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5 A Tattoo is a Commitment you cannot get out of

Always remember that a tattoo is for a lifetime. It’s almost like getting married. Are you ready for that kind of a commitment? What if you get bored with your tattoo after a point of time? And what if you lose interest in the particular phrase or character that you have permanently inked on your body? There is also that special section of the population who choose to tattoo the names of their lovers. Well, good luck with that if your relationship goes down the drain!

A Tattoo is a Commitment you cannot get out of

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So there you have it. These are some of the major reasons why you should think twice or thrice or even ten times before deciding to get a tattoo. Rather, these will make you never get a tattoo in your entire lifetime. We were made to look a particular way by the creator and we should choose to stay the same way. Human body is not a canvas to experiment with inks and needles. Having said so much, it is a person’s choice to choose how he or she should look, so if you really want to get a tattoo then don’t let these reasons stop you.


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