5 People with Mysterious Extra Body Parts That Puzzled Even Doctors

One of the first things doctors do after delivering a baby is count the fingers and toes. While most babies are born with ten fingers and toes, there are some who may be born with more than that because of some rare condition. Here are five people who were born with extra body parts.


1 Hong Hong was born in China in January 2016

Hong Hong was born in China with 15 fingers, 13 toes and two palms on each hand. He was diagnosed with polydactylism usually found in dogs and cats and sometimes in humans.


genetic disorder

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A genetic disorder that affected his mother too

The condition could be genetic which is why Hong’s mother is also a victim of the disease. She has six fingers and six types. Hong’s parents are trying to raise funds to get the extra parts surgically removed.


genetic disorder extra fingers

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2 Zhang Ruifang, the Goat Woman

Zhang Ruifang developed a horn that grew up to two inches out of her forehead when she reached a hundred years old. Doctors are clueless but feel that it is similar to cutanoeus tissue which is a keratinous tumor that looks like a horn.

Zhang Ruifang, the Goat Woman

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The horn was made up of nail tissue


Doctors could only feel it was the hard tissue made up of the same protein keratin that makes up hair and nails and horns in animals as well as feathers and nails in birds too.

Zhang Ruifang woman with horn

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3 George Lippert born in Germany with two hearts and three legs

Among people born with extra body parts, George Lippert was known as the three legged man. Born sometime in 1840, he worked in a circus and also took part in freak shows known as the three legged man on Earth. No one believed he had two hearts.

George Lippert born in Germany with two hearts and three legs

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The truth revealed after his death

It was only known after his death from tuberculosis in 1906 that doctors found he had two hearts. An autopsy revealed that Lippert indeed had two hearts and spoke the truth.


George Lippert born death

4 Alfie Clamp was born with severe disabilities

Alfie Clamp was born blind and had several disabilities. DNA tests revealed that Alfie’s seventh Chromosome carried and extra strand of DNA which doctors had never even heard of before.


Alfie Clamp was born with severe disabilities

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He can see today


He can see today but still suffers from health problems such as poor digestion, metabolic problems and muscle weakness. None of Alfoe’s family carried the extra gene.

Alfie Clamp was born blind

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5 Hannah Kersey suffers from a rare condition

The best among people with extra body parts, Hannah lives in England and has a rare condition that affects only one in 1 million women all over the world. It is called uterus didelphys which is an abnormal development of a woman’s reproductive organs. Kersey was born with two wombs which doctors never knew about until she gave birth to her first child.

Hannah Kersey suffers from a rare condition

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She delivered triplets

Although Doctors said she could never become pregnant again, she did and gave birth to triplets conceived from two different eggs and fertilized by two different sperms. One of the eggs produced twins while the other a single baby.

Hannah Kersey with her kids

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