5 People with Mysterious Extra Body Parts That Puzzled Even Doctors


One of the first things doctors do after delivering a baby is count the fingers and toes. While most babies are born with ten fingers and toes, there are some who may be born with more than that because of some rare condition. Here are five people who were born with extra body parts.

1 Hong Hong was born in China in January 2016

Hong Hong was born in China with 15 fingers, 13 toes and two palms on each hand. He was diagnosed with polydactylism usually found in dogs and cats and sometimes in humans.


genetic disorder

Image Source: www.inform.kz

A genetic disorder that affected his mother too

The condition could be genetic which is why Hong’s mother is also a victim of the disease. She has six fingers and six types. Hong’s parents are trying to raise funds to get the extra parts surgically removed.


genetic disorder extra fingers

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

2 Zhang Ruifang, the Goat Woman

Zhang Ruifang developed a horn that grew up to two inches out of her forehead when she reached a hundred years old. Doctors are clueless but feel that it is similar to cutanoeus tissue which is a keratinous tumor that looks like a horn.

Zhang Ruifang, the Goat Woman

Image Source: www.patrasevents.gr

The horn was made up of nail tissue


Doctors could only feel it was the hard tissue made up of the same protein keratin that makes up hair and nails and horns in animals as well as feathers and nails in birds too.

Zhang Ruifang woman with horn

Image Source: www.blick.ch


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