5 Myths about women broken down and explained! Now it’s about time the air gets cleared!

So you were told in 1992 by John Gray that ‘Women are from Venus and Men from Mars’. Okay, we get it. We can be weird at times, and concede to the extraterrestrial reference. But don’t forget that you’re just about as extraterrestrial as us! If we’re from Venus, you’re not from too far away! Numerous myths about women have been doing the rounds for donkey’s years, and we’re here to bust these majorly irking (almost) falsities.


1 Women Gossip More Than Men

Sure, we do like to dabble in some occasional gossip now and then when we’re with our girls. Denying the fact that women gossip would be a stupid thing to say. But what else is stupid is saying that it’s only women who gossip. Men are envisioned to be mature individuals, who could care the least about what happens in the lives of people around them. This is down rightly false. Experience speaks. Try snooping on an all boy game night on your phone to clarify.

Women Gossip More Than Men

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2 Women Suck at Math

Biology states that most women have dominant right brains and most men have dominant left brains. But this most definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. Not all women have a flair for the arts and are more logic and reason oriented than you think. Given that I’m from engineering school, I’ve seen women who are excellent with numericals, and sometimes even better than their male counterparts. Not feminazi-ing here, but Alan Turing couldn’t have cracked Enigma without Joan Clarke’s help. Jussst saying!

Women Suck at Math

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3 Women Who Menstruate are Poisonous

This statement simply translates into one phrase – absolute bogus. One of the most ridiculous myths about women! Whoever put this idea into the heads of people must be sat down and given a piece of mind collectively from all women in this world. Yes, we menstruate once a month to rid our bodies of blood we do not require in our reproductive systems, but how on earth does that make us toxic? The only woman who’s probably toxic because she claims so is probably Britney Spears. The others are good to go.

Women Who Menstruate are Poisonous

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4 Women Have Extravagant Romantic Expectations

This is one of the most common myths about women that most definitely must be broken down and busted. The stereotype states that having a girlfriend is analogous to having zero bank balance. But what men fail to realize is that women are more about the smaller, unmaterialistic things. Women appreciate your thoughts and the little gestures. So men, sure we’d definitely be happy if you bought us a pair of Royal Carlton high heels and all that, but most of the time, we don’t expect anything from you.

Women Have Extravagant Romantic Expectations

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5 Women Are Desperate To Marry and Have Kids

Fun fact – over 40% of women are unmarried and prefer to remain as such. Gone are the days when a woman relied on marriage to settle down in life. A vast majority of women wish to gain stability in life by standing up on their own feet and supporting themselves through their very own income. Children are definitely a priority, but hey what’s the hurry?

Women Are Desperate To Marry and Have Kids

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