5 Myths about women broken down and explained! Now it’s about time the air gets cleared!

So you were told in 1992 by John Gray that ‘Women are from Venus and Men from Mars’. Okay, we get it. We can be weird at times, and concede to the extraterrestrial reference. But don’t forget that you’re just about as extraterrestrial as us! If we’re from Venus, you’re not from too far away! Numerous myths about women have been doing the rounds for donkey’s years, and we’re here to bust these majorly irking (almost) falsities.

1 Women Gossip More Than Men

Sure, we do like to dabble in some occasional gossip now and then when we’re with our girls. Denying the fact that women gossip would be a stupid thing to say. But what else is stupid is saying that it’s only women who gossip. Men are envisioned to be mature individuals, who could care the least about what happens in the lives of people around them. This is down rightly false. Experience speaks. Try snooping on an all boy game night on your phone to clarify.

Women Gossip More Than Men

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