5 Mysteries That Still Puzzle the World

Some many mysterious things have taken place on the earth and many more are expect to occur. This is a world of mysteries. What is even more disturbing is that some of these mysteries, no one has ever been able to resolve them. They vary from strange documents and sightings to awe-inspiring architecture and natural phenomena. Huge rewards should be given to whoever gets to decipher the following puzzling mysteries.


1 Egyptian Pyramids

They are huge, majestic, impressive and most of all riddling. The towering pyramids of Giza in Egypt stand out as one of the biggest mysteries in the world today. The most mysterious of them all is the Pyramid of Cheops. It stands at a height of a 40-stories structure and its base is big enough to house 10 football fields comfortable. The size is not the mystery. The mystery is how the ancient Egyptians, 5000 years ago were able to transport and lift stone blocks weighing up to 5 tons in weight. There were not cranes and rollers would definitely not transport a block across the expansive Nile. It is suggested that more than 400,000 men built the structure taking over 20 years. No one has given a viable suggestion on how the stone blocks were moved around and positioned.

Egyptian Pyramids

Image Source: www.cdni.condenast.co.uk


2 Voynich Manuscript

The origin and contents of this book are unknown. The Voynich Manuscript is a 240-pages book that was bought by Polish-American bookseller Wilfrid M. Voynich. The weird thing about this particular book is that no one knows what the book is about. It is written in a language unknown to anyone on this planet. It contains intricate drawings of weird diagrams, plants, and events that border on totally odd. The authorship of the book also remains unknown. It is however believed that the book was written in the bracket of 1404 and 1438.

Voynich Manuscript

Image Source: www.crystalinks.com


3 Skyquakes

The world has heard of earthquakes occurring here and there but have you ever heard of sky quaking? On a clear day, the sky is blue as always and practically cloudless an immense boom may be heard from the sky. The strange thing about this is that no one has a clue as to why this is the case. There is no sign of lightning or thunder. At the same time there is no known human cause of the phenomenon. During a summer afternoon you can look out for such occurrences though they are very rare.


Image Source: www.deviantart.net


4 Stonehenge

Estimated to be more than 5 millenniums old, Stonehenge is one of the biggest mysteries in the world today. No one has any solid proof of what this prehistoric monument in Britain was used for. Driving for miles scenery is mostly rolling hills and plains and then just suddenly, this structure pops up. The humongous stones that make up the structure were drugged more than 200 miles from Wales to the site where the monument stands.


Image Source: www.english-heritage.org.uk


5 Wow! Signal

The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence has been on for a long time but on a particular night in the summer of 1977 earth may have been sent an intentional message from outer space. Jerry Ehman was working the night shift at SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). He had been scanning radio ways from deep space and suddenly his measurements spiked up. The signal lasted for about 72 seconds and appears to have come from some place near a star called Tau Sagittarii in the Sagittarius constellation. Scientists have been unable to track down the signal once again. Ehman wrote ‘Wow’ on the print out of the data thus the name.

Wow! Signal

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net


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