5 DIY projects that you can do with your family on lazy weekends


With holiday season in full swing, you must be enjoying some quality leisure time at home with the family. But with the world drowned in technology and mobiles and gaming consoles, it is becoming harder and harder for a family to spend some time with each other without looking at their mobiles every 2 minutes.

But fear not, we have 5 brilliant DIY projects that will have you and your family bonding over in no time. So tell us in comments, how many projects you tried and about the time you spent with your family.


1 Dried Citrus ornaments

Though the festival of Christmas has passed now, but this DIY project will bring the memories of that right back, as you get to prepare for the New Year starting right away. Here is a very imaginative ornament involving dried citrus fruits.

Gather some citrus fruits like oranges and lemon. Cut them into slices of around ¼” and remove the seeds. Bake them for 3-4 minutes at 150-170 °F. Hang these using a hook made out of wire on Christmas tree stems in order to make a natural room freshener.

Dried Citrus ornaments

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.com


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