4-Year-old girl suffers horrific injuries during a flight, when the plane airbag explodes in her face

People get injured in bizarre ways. Sometimes things can harm you even when you are in the safest of places and that harm or injury will remind you of the unpredictable nature of the life itself.

A 4-year-old girl who was enjoying a flight aboard a Virgin Airlines plane could not have even imagined that she could be harmed with her family and other adults around her, but as life has it, she was harmed in the most bizarre and unfortunate ways ever and the marks of the injuries have not only been left on the body, but also on the mind of the young girl.

Here is what happened to her:

1 Who is the girl?

Four year old Daisy James was traveling aboard a Virgin Airlines airplane along with her grandmother. She was returning from Washington DC to the London airport. The four year old had no idea that her journey back home would be so painful and full of tears.


The girl was injured when the safety airbag that is attached to the seatbelt malfunctioned and deployed while Daisy was secured with the belt. In an emergency crash situation, the sensor in the bag detects a collision and deploys the airbag in order to keep the person safe, by protecting the neck, the head and the chest. But here, some quite opposite happened!

Who is the girl?

Image Source: www.newsapi.com.au

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