4 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For 2020 Pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy and a baby is a joyous time for any couple. Before you embark on the journey of parenthood, take a few months to prepare yourselves and your home for your upcoming bundle of joy. You will want to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, so take these four steps to help you achieve your goal of having a healthy family.


1Create a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to get your body ready to carry a baby, there are important lifestyle steps you can take to give yourself the best chance for a quality pregnancy. One of the best things you can do is too quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing any recreational drugs as this can interfere with your fertility. This goes for your partner as well, as excess alcohol can interfere with men’s sperm count. By living a clean lifestyle, you are giving your new baby the best chance for a healthy life.

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2Understand Your Family History

Talk with your family and learn about their medical history. Sharing this information with your doctor can give them a picture of potential genetic conditions that may get passed down to your baby. Your doctor may suggest genetic counseling or genetic carrier screening. The screening tests both you and your partner for any genetic mutations that your baby may inherit. Have genetic counseling and genetic carrier screening performed early so that you and your partner can prepare based on the results. The Center for Disease Control’s webpage, “My Family Health Portrait,” can help you research and organize this information.

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3Upgrade Your HVAC System

Consult with an HVAC contractor to discuss ways to ensure that your HVAC system is modern, efficient, and is healthy for your baby. Learn about add-on products such as air cleaners, filtration systems that use HEPA filters, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, and smart thermostats that can help you easily regulate the nursery’s climate. Consider adding a carbon monoxide detector to your home to alert you if this harmful gas is detected. Keep your indoor air quality high with an upgraded HVAC system to keep you and your baby healthy.

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4Build a Safe Nursery

Designing your newborns nursery includes making sure that it is safe for both you and your baby. According to Ann Marie Buerkle, acting chairwoman of the Consumer Products Safety Commission, less is better in the nursery. Keep pillows, blankets, and soft padding out of the crib to help prevent suffocation. When choosing a crib, make sure that there are no gaps larger than two fingers between the sides of the crib and the mattress and make sure that the crib is new and assembled correctly.

New cribs must comply with federal standards that prohibit the sale of drop-side rail cribs, and that have improved crib slats as well as higher quality hardware. Keep the nursery free of slippery rugs, so that you don’t fall in the middle of the night, and keep soft lights on for clear visibility.


Spend time before you plan on getting pregnant to make sure that you and your partner are healthy, getting your family medical information together, upgrading your HVAC system for a cleaner home, and creating a safe nursery to welcome your sweet newborn home.

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