4 Signs that warn you of a psychic attack

Psychic attacks are defined as manipulation of supernatural energies and forces. These attacks happen when one individual sends lots of negative energy towards another individual. This negative energy can be anything from a spirit, an entity or dark negative energy. If you have suffered from any of these feelings, consider getting a Psychic Reading to better understand the source. If you’re not sure where to turn for them, just have a quick search online – you can even have a phone psychic reading these days so it’s all very accessible. Moving on though – here are 4 more signs that someone has made a psychic attack on you.


1 Being attacked in dreams

A psychic attack can also manifest itself in your dreams. If you start having violent nightmares all of a sudden, better doubt that someone has sent a psychic attack on yourself. These nightmares actually use your inner fears and show you the worst that can happen to you. They may also use the person or thing you value the most and torture it in your dreams. You might feel your chest becoming heavy and also have trouble breathing.

Being attacked in dreams

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2 Feeling of being hypnotized

Being hypnotized is a very common, yet effective method of psychic attack one can put on you. But this hypnosis is not brought on you by your own meditation and inner peace; it is the work of your not-so-well wisher. Beware of such an attack especially if you are hypnotized out of blue, it means you are being targeted by someone with negative energy.

Feeling of being hypnotized

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3 No control on laughter and movements

When a psychic attack is taking place, the person under attack might find it impossible to move their body and limbs. It might be like you are bounded with something and just cannot control your movements and thoughts. You will see yourself struggling to control your thoughts and such an attack will manipulate you to do things their way. You can counter this attack by burning white sage to cleanse the place and remove negative energy.

No control on laughter and movements

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4 Unrealistic fears

Such psychic attacks are really powerful and can compel you to do things that you might not do under normal circumstances. These attacks put you under the fear of something dreadful happening. These fear attacks are so intense that you will find yourself frozen in that fear. You might not be able to give a reason for that fear and might not rationalize it. These attacks are like panic attacks, but without any reason. You might experience heavy breathing, fast heartbeat, sweating and nervousness. You might even have to stay indoors for days since this fear will not let you leave house for a long period of time.

Unrealistic fears

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