This 3 year old boy woke up paralyzed and parents were shocked to know the reason why

As a parent you may be constantly conscious of your young Child’s health and will no doubt take several steps to ensure he remains healthy. But, imagine the shock of these parents when they found their healthy little son paralyzed one morning even as he seemed fit as a fiddle the night before.

The 3 year old little boy woke up paralyzed shocking his parents puzzled and perplexed as to what was wrong.

1 Their little boy woke up paralyzed with no sign of injury

When little Colin woke up one morning, he just could not sit up or walk. He was almost paralyzed. His parents Stephanie and Dillon just couldn’t figure out the problem. The night before, Collin had hit his head while playing at his elder brother’s baseball game but he was fine having got up immediately with no signs of injury.

boy woke up paralyzed

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2 Doctors at the local hospital were confused

Although the little boy woke up paralyzed, both Dillon and Stephanie were sure that he wasn’t suffering from concussion. They rushed Collin to emergency where doctors examined him. Tests confirmed no brain injury yet Collin was paralyzed from the neck down and his condition worsened. Doctors advised the parents to shift him to another hospital.

Paralyzed kid admitted in the hospital

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3 Doctors shock parents with revelation

When Dillon and Stephanie shifted Collin to a children’s hospital in a larger town, doctors shocked them into disbelief. Had they brought the child a half hour later, he would have suffered a heart attack. The bad news didn’t end there, after examining the child they found something even more shocking and the reason behind his paralysis.

A special team of neurologists from the infectious disease department of the hospital found a TICK behind Collin’s ear. Yes!! A tick and the parents were dumbfounded as to how it got there. Once the tick was removed the child’s condition improved and he was mobile again.

Tick paralysis

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