Did you know these 3 parts on your little finger says a lot about you. Find out what they mean

I’m sure you know that your fingers are divided into what is known as phalanges. These separate your finger into three sections marked by deep horizontal lines across the inner finger. However, phalanges are never of the same length and according to palmistry, the length of phalanages can reveal a lot about your personality. Your little finger especially known as the Mercury finger reveals how you communicate because Mercury is also the god of communication.


Surprised that your pinky can reveal something about you? Well read on about the three parts of your little finger and what they mean.

1 If the first phalange is longer then the others

If the first phalange of your little pinky is longer than the other two, then it means that you have the ability to impress people a lot. People are also attracted towards you.However you may also be judgmental towards others and have the ability to size up the person in front of you. This reveals you are a great judge of character.

the pinky finger

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2 If the second phalange of the little finger is longer

If the second part of your pinky is longer, then it means you are kind, caring and loving towards others. You also take good care of those close to you. You are an extremely compassionate person.


Alternately if the middle part of the little finger is smaller than the others then it denotes a stubborn nature who is averse to change.

the second phalange

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3 The third phalange of the little finger

Among the three parts of your little finger, the third part of the little finger is interesting among the phalanges of your finger. If the third part of your pinky is smaller than the others , then it means you are benevolent. You have a temperate nature that doesn’t get angry often. You are calm and composed and honest. You also trust people a lot as you too are trustworthy.

The third phalange

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4 What it means when you have a long little finger

As your little pinky is ruled by Mercury, it could also mean that an unusually small little finger could lead to problem of communication with others. A long pinky will mean you are extremely sociable and have the gift of gab like a public speaker. Writers, actors, politicians, public speakers, and businessmen all have well developed little fingers. Now that you know about the three parts of your little finger, was it true for you?

little finger

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