Fascinating discovery: 3 Exoplanets have been discovered orbiting a dwarf star

The universe will never cease to fascinate us with its amazing phenomena. In the earth’s quest for alien life, are we surprisingly close to a life altering revelation from the infinite cosmos? In an amazing new phenomenon recorded 40 light years away from earth, the discovery of three exoplanets orbiting a dwarf star has amazed and astonished researchers for its profound significance. The discovery has finally given scientists evidence of their theories that somewhere out there in the infinite universe, exoplanets like earth do exist orbiting low mass stars with decreased temperatures.

The phenomenal discovery which was reported in the Nature Journal observed that the planets were similar in size to the earth and Venus. That’s not all! These are the most suitable planets which may harbor alien life!

1 The First Place to Look For Alien Life

According to team leader of the research, Michael Gillon of the Liege University, Belgium, these little solar systems orbiting tiny stars are perhaps the only exoplanets capable of supporting life and technology similar to earth. These planets should be the first place to commence a search for alien life.

What is most surprising about the study is the fact the researchers stumbled upon the amazing discovery of three exoplanets by accident. The actual observational study was being conducted on TRAPPIST-1, an ultra cool dwarf star located in the constellation of Aquarius.

he First Place to Look For Alien Life

Image Source: www.mit.edu

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