25 Most Touching and Emotionally Charged Photographs That Will Melt Your Heart

If you happen to be on the net the better part of the day, you’re bound to come across photographs that strike a chord in every person’s heart. There are many more which of course you wouldn’t give a second glance to, but some stand out for the powerful and strong emotions that they convey. Take a look at 20 of the most emotionally charged and touching photos that do the rounds of the net in cases you may have missed them.


1 What love at first sight really looks like?

Jack Coley is an autistic boy all of 3 years old. What propelled Jack in the news was when his parents took him to Disney world to meet his favorite story character for the first time. Snow-White and when Jack did meet her, it was sheer bliss for the little man as you can see in the photographs. Jack was smitten and all he could do was just stare at her with a little shy smile on his face. His story went viral of course as the little autistic boy in love with Snow-White.


What love at first sight really looks like

2Thanks bro

An emotional photo which is undoubtedly of a child and adult fist-bumping at a time when support is needed most and that is when one is in convalescence in a hospital. We need someone when we are sick as the emotional support can work wonders.

Thanks bro

Image Source: www.digitalag.ro

3Unbridled Joy

When you dote on tinker bell in comic books and then meet her in real life, what else can you do but go berserk with glee.

Unbridled Joy

Image Source: www.amorq.com

4The taste of success

This is a photo of Margaret Bekema receiving her high school diploma at the age of 97. She had to leave studies mid way to take care f her family. As they say, you’re never too old to educate yourself.

The taste of success

Image Source: www.brightside.me

5Your first snow

I think everyone will identify with this photograph when you experienced that first little snowflake falling and kissing your cheek, it was no doubt an exhilarating experience.

Your first snow

Image Source: www.amorq.com

6This is what makes America great

The immigrant question is a hot topic of debate but scenes like this prove the beautiful and cultural diversity of America that can be harmonious too.

This is what makes America great

Image Source: www.viaritmo.com

7Happy even in Chemo

This redditor posted on reddit which shows how brave and courageous she is even though she suffers from cancer and is in chemo “Being in chemo all day is not exactly how I pictured spending my 21st birthday, but hey! I made it to 21! As long as I’m around for my 22nd, I can’t complain!”

Happy even in Chemo

Image Source: www.fjcdn.com

8First FaceTime

Is this how your gran also reacted to such incidents?? Well this girl clicked the photo at the precise moment where granny makes a stunning reaction. She says this was her “96-year-old granny’s reaction to her first FaceTime.”

First FaceTime

Image Source: www.amorq.com


9The feeling of being proposed to

For many women, it can be a case of walking on cloud 9 when the man you love proposes to you. This woman tells us exactly how she feels. ““I got engaged last night. I’m so happy that my cheeks are about to break off.”

The feeling of being proposed

Image Source: www.amorq.com

10Why should Humans have all the fun?

Dogs too simply can’t get over anything that makes them happy for the first time just like this amazing little guy who seems to be having a rollicking first day on the beach.

Why should Humans have all the fun?

Image Source: www.brightside.me

11We are the champions

Meet the true champions of the world. Even in the face of extreme odds of illness, they still take time out to SMILE!! Yet we in our mundane lives groan about the tiniest disappointments that upset us. This is what the boy’s mother says “My son has a rare condition known as Hypertrichosis. He has just recently come out of the hospital for treatment, and he pulled off this super cool pose.”

Incidentally hypertrichosis is a condition of aggressive excess hair growth just like the world’s hairiest woman who has now shaved her hair to get married. Read the story here.

We are the champions

Image Source: www.amorq.com


Pope Francis is turning out to be a trending pope for his modernistic views on church laws and principles. He is pictures here hugging a man suffering from neurofibromatosis.

Pope Francis

Image Source: www.uduba.com


13Your first Mommy drink

There is no bigger happiness than being treated as an adult on your birthday even if you are a toddler and getting your first Mommy drink is a big time treat. This was posted by a woman with the caption ‘“My daughter wanted a ’Mommy Drink’ on her birthday.”

Your first Mommy drink

Image Source: www.bastanteinteressante.pt

14Friends are forever

This Mom explained how when her daughter has a bad day at school she comes home and cuddles her best friend. It shows in today’s world friendships can be forged between all living creatures irrespective of species.

Friends are forever

Image Source: www.amorq.com

15Respect for all time

A man posted a photograph of his grandfather seeing his superior officer, a navy commander for the first time in years.

Respect for all time

Image Source: www.brightside.me


16The last photograph

“Lost my friend of 12 years. This was the last picture I got of him.” Need I say more??

The last photograph

Image Source: wwwl.jarm.com

17Life’s true heroes

This man pushed and pulled and even lifted his disabled twin brother to help him cross the Iron Man finish line.

true heroes

Image Source: www.batona.net

18When your baby sleeps for 8 hours

This is how any parent would feel especially when their baby may be a howler “My 2-month-old daughter slept for 8.5 hours last night. This is the picture I took this morning. It’s a reflection of my feelings as well.”

When your baby sleeps for 8 hours

Image Source: www.social.jarm.com


19All animals are the same

This cat seems to be overjoyed at his first car ride and the fascinating movement of everything speeding past him

All animals are the same

Image Source: www.breakbird.ru

20Last kiss goodbye

Despite his mental disorder and being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Mario who had been working at the zoo for 25 years wanted to say goodbye to the animals before being hospitalized. This was the reaction of the giraffes who kissed him.

Last kiss goodbye

Image Source: www.brightside.me

21When you see your brother gets his first kiss

This seems to be like a birthday party going on and big brother watches in awe as his little brother gets his first kiss.

When you see your brother gets his first kiss

Image Source: www.amorq.com

22Waking up for coma after 42 days

When this man woke up from a coma for 42 days, he insisted on having a Taco Bell which he never got, this of course is the true face of happiness.

Waking up for coma after 42 days

Image Source: www.harmonikum.co

23Friends forever

When you are feeling down with a cone around your neck, who else can cheer you up but your little best friend for life.

Friends forever

Image Source: www.electramag.com.br

24When your friend wants to play

And you are unable too because of your deep mediation exercises. This is one of the cutest photographs I have ever encountered.

When your friend wants to play

Image Source: www.kn3.net

25Love you always

Every animal lover knows what this moment feels like when you know there’s a heartfelt and emotional bind between you and your furry friend. If these touching photographs didn’t melt your heart, then most probably it’s made of stone. If you’re a pet lover, you’ll love reading this one too.

Love you always

Image Source: www.karnaval.com


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