$20 Trillion Lawsuit Filed Against The Chinese Government Over Coronavirus Outbreak

11It has been draining money and resources

There is no doubt that the virus has taken a huge toll on every nation it has infected. To help combat the economic devastation the coronavirus has left behind, President Trump issued an $8.3 billion package to assist with the government’s response. This package would go towards providing free testing and paid leave for certain workers.


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12More money is being used

As the virus ravages the nation more money is being put into helping the people. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are currently working on a third package that can help provide cash payments to Americans with small businesses as well as provide some assistance to the airlines and other affected industries.


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13Racism is not the way

No one can deny the racial undertones the US has been having especially President Trump who calls the coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’. This plants seeds of hate into the minds of the impressionable youth which can lead to unwanted reactions. There have been reports of racial hate towards Asians and Chinese immigrants living in the United States.


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14People’s reaction to the lawsuit has been negative

Upon hearing the news of this $20 trillion lawsuit against the Chinese government critics have openly called out Klayman as a nutty conspiracy theorist. He has made headlines in the past for suing U.S. presidents, world leaders, and foreign governments. He was called by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a pathologically litigious attorney.


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15There is no proof to his claims

According to the lawyer the Chinese government was responsible for the creation of the virus and it was due to their careless nature that it got out and infected the people around them which resulted in the initial spread. Calling the virus a biological weapon adds weight to the lawsuit as biological weapons have been outlawed since at least 1925 but he has no proof or evidence whatsoever.


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