20 Images That Proves Japan Lives In 3019

Japan has always set a good example in leading the world where organization, planning, and cleanliness is concerned. Its cities have the most convenient amenities to make the lives of its citizens comfortable. Development, public services, and innovation are the hallmarks of the Japanese administration where you could even see robots serving you at a hotel and umbrella vending machines. It is one of the most developed countries in the world and the type of stuff they have there will make one think that Japan is actually living in 3019 rather than 2019. Take a look.


1Rice Paddy Art

This is one unique thing you most probably aren’t going to see anywhere else in the word. Rice paddy art is created by planting different types of rice in a particular order to create an image. It is a very creative concept and a big attraction in Japan. The gigantic size of the images are impressive and so is the color.

Image Source: brightside.me

2Mini McDonald

Well, at McDonald’s, you get mini combos but in Japan, you get an entire mini Mcdonalds. It is a superb idea especially for people who have to rush but need to tuck something in to eat. Japan has a busy and healthy work culture and it is this aspect of the country that makes it innovate to cater to the convenience of the working class and businessmen.

Image Source: www.radioacktiva.com

3Capsule Hotel

While capsule hotels in Japan may seem a futuristic attraction and very convenient for the budget traveler hopping from city to city, it was actually designed as sleep pods for busy working executives working late hours and who may not find time to even go home since they would have to make it work the next day. These capsules are the ideal solution.

4Indoor Waterpark

Trust Japan to build a gigantic water park and that too an indoor one. This is Seagaia Ocean Dome which incidentally happens to be the world’s largest indoor waterparks. It also looks as if it is an indoor beach. The dome has been constructed to keep out the sun so it’s a great way to beat the summer heat.


5Commode with sink

Trust Japan to make excellent use of space while offering convenience as well. As you can see they have toilets that have integrated technology from the buttons on the handle of the commode, but the best part is the functional sink just above the commode. In fact, in Japan, public toilets also have baby holders to hang a baby on the toilet wall while a mom can do her business.

Image Source: brightside.me

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