2 Days of terror – Nepal earthquake

Gloomy and dark, tears and hugs! Nepal is undergoing a terrifying phase of life where countless life’s are ended and where countless are still missing. From temples to houses, hotels to offices all are vanished in clueless mix of dust.

1 Day 1:

Massive earthquake

Image Source: www.india.com

  • Massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit Nepal
  • More than 1130 people dead
  • Bamdev Gautam, Deputy Prime Minister, Nepal declared National Emergency
  • 18 climbers on Mt.Everest found dead and many more trapped
Nepal earthquake

Image Source: www.static1.i4u.com

  • Earthquake also affected the neighbouring countries of India, China, Bangladesh and Tibet
  • Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal worst affected parts of India
  • Indian P.M Narendra Modi immediately dispatched relief and medical teams and ordered evacuation of Indian tourists.
medical teams

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

  • No proper water and food facilities
  • People sleep outside
People sleep outside

Image Source: www.turner.com

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