16 Simple Rules for Young Fathers to Avoid Making Mistakes When Raising Daughters

5Explain about body parts and call them what they are

According to studies, it has been proved that when a child learns the name of her body parts earlier, she will be less awkward to communicate with doctors. Prevention specialist Laura Palumbo says that by describing and using the right terms, it helps children to accept their bodies and understand them better. This also improves communication with parents as well as a connection and prevents potential abuse.

Explain about body parts and call them what they are

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6Teach her to play football

You can teach her to play football which would be fun to her especially since it may boost her confidence even more to play a male’s game although female soccer is a big thing today. It would make her proud also knowing that she shares an advantage over girls. If you are a dad who has hobbies, and if you like your job, your daughter will also adopt the same qualities and learn to do things she loves too.

Teach her to play football

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7Don’t be shy to kiss your daughter

As a father, you should never be too shy of being too emotional or sentimental with her. It’s good to express your feelings which will benefit the psychological health of both. You should respond and react to her successes in a way your heart tell you too and not be a formal gender stereotype. It is ok to smile when your daughter draws a flower or something nice for you.

Kiss your daughter

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8Dance with her before her wedding

A dad is the first man in a girl’s life and if she is taken good care of by her father, she too will learn to take care of herself. According to psychologists, she will also find a man who will love her, who can make her feel safe and care for her too.

Dance with her before her wedding

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