16 Simple Rules for Young Fathers to Avoid Making Mistakes When Raising Daughters

There is nothing cuter in the world than a father who dotes on his daughter. As surprising as it may seem to some, there are many men in the world who would simply love getting a baby girl whom they could love and cherish. They would love a girl whom they could then give a beautiful sounding name like Amanda if they lived in a western country or Preeti in India which incidentally means beloved. There are fathers who know exactly how to raise daughters but there are also many who may have no clue what to do since everything is a new experience. This could also be the reason why some men may even show less interest in a daughter but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 16 rules suggested by a young parental magazine for all fathers to follow when raising a daughter and you can be sure, you’ll be a cool dad with a daughter that loves you.


1 Wash the dishes on your own

Wash dishes, do a bit of cooking, clean and mop floors or housework. Set an example for your daughter and show her that men can do these things which are normal chores for men too. It is the same with fun things like girl games. Don’t feel awkward or shy to play a tea party with her or fake a play marriage with her dolls. Don’t be a stereotype male because a child’s happiness is way beyond that.

Doing dishes with girl

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2Spend time with her

This is by far the best piece of advice that any young father can get. From the first day of her life, spend time with her. Take part in changing diapers, making her formula, feeding her and playing with her. Be there when she takes her first steps because that will be a magical moment for you too especially if her tiny little hand is in yours.

Spend time with her

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3Answer her questions

When your daughter asks you a question, never say “go ask your mom” because as a father, you too should be answering her. What can she possibly you that may be difficult to answer? If you cannot answer, then search for an answer together, that would be a nicer experience too.

Answer her questions

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4The more “child” responsibilities you take the better

A woman who delivers a baby doesn’t learn how to be a mother in one day. She learns gradually and so can you. Do not give up the chance of changing diapers or cry your daughter when she may be acting fussy. The more you do for her, the better for the relationship.

Responsibilities you take the better

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