16 Amazing and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day that you never knew


The most popular theme of love is Valentine’s Day when people the world over will be celebrating their love for one another in various and unique ways. One question seldom pops up in mind. What or who was the reason for Valentine’s Day? Here are ten amazing facts about Valentine’s Day that you should know about.

1 It commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Valentine

The story of Valentine’s Day originates during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius 2nd who forbade Roman men to marry during wartime. Bishop Valentine went against this summon and performed secret wedding which enrages the emperor and had him executed. While in jail waiting for his fate he wrote a note to the jailors daughter signing it as “your Valentine”

martyrdom of Saint Valentine

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2 Pets are Valentine favorites

Retail statistics say that about 3 percent pet owners present valentine gifts to their pooches and pets.

Pets are Valentine favorites

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3 Finland’s special Friends party

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called “Ystavanpaiva” which simple translates in to friendship day where you can remember your friends, family and loved ones.

Finland’s special Friends party

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4 Hidden symbols for “kisses”

Many believe the X symbol meant the kiss in the medieval times. People who could not write their names signed it with an X in front of a witness. They then kissed it to show their true sincerity.

Hidden symbols for “kisses”

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5 Girls ate bizarre food for their love

Among the facts about Valentine’s Day this is a weird UGHH!! One!! Girls in ancient medieval times really went all out to get their true love even if it meant eating weird stuff. They ate weird family concoctions which they believed would make them dream of their future husbands.

Girls ate bizarre food for their love

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