15 Shocking images of pollution to show how man is destroying this planet

Man is slowly milking the planet dry not just by using its resources but damaging it the global warming and increasing pollution spewing contaminants and garbage into the sea, atmosphere and of course land.re are 15 shocking images of pollution to show how we are damaging the planet.

1 When sea animals get stuck in trash

Pollution on land may be at deplorable levels and it is now occurring in the sea too as one can see how this whale’s tail is stuck in trash or discarded netting that has attracted a lot of junk. These divers are most probably trying to free the tail.

When sea animals get stuck in trash

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com

2 The height of pollution that China won’t want you to see

China may show immaculate clean cities but in domestic and rural areas it is another story altogether as you can see from this filthy canal with garbage floating by.

Pollution in China

Image Source: www.chairmanmigo.com

3 The crimes of humanity

When humanity isn’t meant even for man, how can we extend it for animals in the sea? This poor seal seems to have wires twisted around its neck so tightly it cuts into its flesh. Most probably the garbage left over by fishermen.

Seal Trapped in trash

Image Source: www.insight.co.kr

4 Yamuna River Pollution

There is a huge cry of concern about the pollution of the Yamuna River in India where contaminants and sewage are slowly killing all aquatic life such as fish washed up every day.

Yamuna River Pollution

Image Source: www.informacionimagenes.net

5 Heartbreaking moment

This is what a tsunami does to both man and animals where it swallows up everything in its path. This kitten was rescued in the aftermath of the deadly tsunami that hit Thailand and Southeast Asia in December 2011.

Heartbreaking moment

Image Source: www.userapi.com

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