15 Self made millionaires who made huge money using Youtube

‘I learned how to do that from YouTube University!’ YouTube is free for all website for entertainment, information and anything you can think of under the sun. YouTube features almost any video about almost anything around the world. It’s practically a Google site dedicated entirely for videos.

You can Search anything in Google!  This go-to website for watching and streaming videos is one site that reaps billions of dollars just because of views alone. In fact, you don’t need to go for an audition in Hollywood to get a spot in the limelight. You may just shoot a video of interest and upload it on YouTube and reap an income beyond your imagination.

Here is a list of people who made millions out of making YouTube videos just for the sake of fun!

15 BluCollection ($4.8 million)

Much like DisneyCollectionBR, he opens toys and uploads them on YouTube. This unlikely set of video collections would make you really wonder as to why opening toys is such a hit. Well, they just simply are.

BluCollection ($4.8 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

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