15 Self made millionaires who made huge money using Youtube

‘I learned how to do that from YouTube University!’. YouTube is free for all websites for entertainment, information, and just about anything else you can think of. YouTube features almost any video about almost anything around the world. It is practically a Google site dedicated entirely to videos. Anyone can upload any video and with the help of advanced tools, like https://tubeast.com, videos can go viral!


You can search anything on YouTube! This go-to website for watching and streaming videos is one site that reaps billions of dollars just because of views alone. In fact, you don’t need to go for an audition in Hollywood to get a spot in the limelight. You can just shoot a video of interest and upload it on YouTube and reap an income beyond your imagination. That being said it is no secret that YouTube views are not always easy to accumulate. If you are an aspiring YouTuber looking for ways to give your channel a boost, you might want to consider using a service like Get Fans to increase your view count. To learn more, go to https://getfans.io/buy-youtube-views. Because of the surge in YouTubers, there is a whole host of these sites now that offers people the chance to buy likes, views, shares and subscribers on YouTube. If you are going to use one of these sites, just make sure you read some reviews to see how legit it is. Check out this Subpals review for example.

Here is a list of people who made millions out of making YouTube videos just for the sake of fun!


15 BluCollection ($4.8 million)

Much like DisneyCollectionBR, he opens toys and uploads them on YouTube. This unlikely set of video collections would make you really wonder as to why opening toys is such a hit. Well, they just simply are.

BluCollection ($4.8 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


14 Nigahiga ($5.3 million)

Ryan Higa is a YouTube sensation that started off with lip-syncing and moved on to different hilarious comedic acts like crazy ‘How To’ videos. He and his friends’ comedic skits earned them a spot in the World’s Richest Youtubers making them millionaires at a young age.

Nigahiga ($5.3 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


13 Epic Rap Battles ($5.7 million)

Peter ‘Nice Peter’ Shukoff and Lloyd ‘EpicLLOYD’ Ahlquist decided to put on a mustache and a mask and ended up becoming millionaires. Impersonating Adolf Hitler and Dark Vadar and having multiple rap battles raked in the millions for these two buddies. With a collected views of 818 million, they are still hiking up millions of views and even inviting celebrities as guests.

Epic Rap Battles ($5.7 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


12 Skydoesminecraft ($5.9 million)

Adam Dahlberg is one those walk through YouTube down loaders who happen to have raked in millions in uploading YouTube videos. He has about 1.4 billion views that made him a self-made YouTube millionaire.

Skydoesminecraft ($5.9 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


11 TheFineBros ($7.2 million)

These brothers weren’t just posting videos, they were writing and directing them. These ‘react videos’ made them internet sensations with proud millions on their bank accounts. The Fine Brothers have accumulated about 1.6 billion video views.

TheFineBros ($7.2 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


10 UberHaxorNova ($7.7 million)

This active gamer made the most out of his passion for gaming. James ‘Nova’ Wilson Jr. created multiple video walk throughs for multiple games with an added comedic twist. Raking in millions of dollars and a total of 1.7 billion views since he joined YouTube on August 2008, this is definitely something he’d never stop doing and earning him a spot in the World’s Richest YouTube Reapers.

UberHaxorNova ($7.7 million)

Image Source: www.funnyjunk.com


9 CaptainSparkelz ($8.4 million)

Who would imagine an ordinary gamer would be dumping milllions into his bank accounts? Within a year, CaptainSparkelz hit YouTube success with his game tutorials and multiple gaming entertainment like making music videos out of the top games of the year and making plenty of gaming parodies. This is a huge hit in the gaming business that made him be part of the world’s top ten YouTube Earners because of his well-earned 1.2 billion views. This all started with an idea and that grew and grew into what is happening now, companies such as https://www.construct.net/en can get game lovers started on making their own games with their software.

CaptainSparkelz ($8.4 million)

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

8 Jenna Marbles ($9.1 million)

She became an instant hit in her very first ‘How to’ upload, ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking’ with over 5.3 million hits in its first week. Jenna N. Mourey has a total 1.3 billion views earning her guest roles in ‘The Annoying Orange’ and ‘Epic Rap Battles’.

Jenna Marbles ($9.1 million)

Image Source: www.barkpost.com

7 TobyGames ($10.5 million)

This American Comedian hit YouTube by storm. He has about 1.5 billion channel views where he managed to bring remix videos and video commentaries to another entertainment level.

TobyGames ($10.5 million)

Image Source: www.cdn.com


6 DisneyCollectorBR ($12.2 million)

Who’d have ‘thunk’ that opening a bunch of toys in front of a camera would win your pocket millions! This KinderJoy and Disney Collector package opener is a well-watched mystery woman that made millions! She didn’t need to show her face or make weird and hysterical commentaries about the things she open. She simply opens a new toy and plays with it and voila! She’s an instant millionaire!

DisneyCollectorBR ($12.2 million)

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

5 RealAnnoyingOrange ($13.3 million)

This unstoppable talking orange that annoys every fruit and veggie around him, Annoying Orange became a worldwide hit. The RealAnnoyingOrange was a separate channel dedicated to this talking fruit series. Dane Boedigheimer, the creator of Annoying Orange, earned himself a millionaire status with his 1.9 billion views on YouTube.

RealAnnoyingOrange ($13.3 million)

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

4 BlueXephos ($16.1 million)

YouTube millionaires seem to earn quite a lot by providing different gaming walk throughs. Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane does it quite differently though. Forming a gang of gamers playing game levels, they established a channel dedicated to making every walk through hilarious and definitely entertaining with their funny voice overs, commentaries and gaming parodies with a massive 2.3 billion views.

BlueXephos ($16.1 million)

Image Source: www.blip.tv


3 RayWilliamJohnson ($18.2 million)

Trashing a viral video probably isn’t something you’d think the world would subscribe to but in reality watching someone do the trash talking for you is quite a massive entertainment. Ray William Johnson is a video blogger (vlogger) who incorporates offensive, entertaining and informative commentaries on different viral videos with, of course, music to pace off the video that he, himself, created; and, because of this, he has about 2.6 billion viewers to be proud of.

RayWilliamJohnson ($18.2 million)

Image Source: www.nocookie.net

2 Smosh ($19.6 million)

Playing around the house and making childish yet hilarious skits made these buddies YouTube Millionaires. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla started of with comedic lip-syncing that landed them with about 27 million views on A Pokemon Theme song. These two earned so much money that monkeying around the house made then YouTube sensations.

Smosh ($19.6 million)

Image Source: www.tubefilter.com

1 PewDiePie ($21 million)

Gaming surely is the number one reason why people would subscribe to a YouTube Channel. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg ‘s Let’s Play Videos on horror and action genres made this Swedish vlogger the richest YouTuber gaining views amounting to 3 billion.

PewDiePie ($21 million

Image Source: www.theyoutubebuzz.com


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