15 Richest countries in the world by 2050

Just because a country is said to have good economic status now doesn’t always mean that this country would be a rich country all throughout. A country’s wealth is judged by the quality of every living aspect in it from economy to education to infrastructure and even down to the quality of living.

Top 15 Most Richest Countries In The World List

15 Russia ($1.87 trillion)

Political unrest in Russia with western countries wont stop this country from economically growing, according to studies, the working population in Russia is said to 31% shrink. Many countries have put sanctions against Russia because of the ongoing political unrest with Ukraine, not only this, fuel prices have sky rocketed causing severe economic turmoil, by the month on November 2014, the inflation rate 9.1% mark which was biggest hit ever since from the year 2011. But according to studies despite such problems, Russia economy will grow rapidly and exceed that of Australia and Argentina.

Russia ($1.87 trillion)

Image Source: www.famous-historic-buildings.org.uk

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