15 Historic moments captured then to leave you wondered today

History shapes our present and paves the way towards the future. The history of the human race has seen many high and low points and one of them was the invention of photography in the early 1800s. Through this great invention, we can now see some of the moments that have shaped our history from the 19th century onwards. Let us take you to a roller-coaster ride into our history.


1 The last photo of the maiden voyage of Titanic, 1912

This is the last photograph taken of the Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage itself, killing thousands of passengers.

The last photo of the maiden voyage of Titanic, 1912

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


2 The Runaway Elephant

This 4-year-old baby elephant named Tuffi was a part of the Althoff Circus during the 1950s. Her trainer used to travel everywhere with her to garner press coverage and create enthusiasm among the people. On one not so fine day, Tuffi was travelling on this monorail in Wuppertal. Although she used to be calm around people, the crowd, commotion, and the weird movements of the monorail somehow made her lose her temper and she tried to run away from that compartment, and in that fit she actually jumped right into the river. But, what impeccable timing of the click! Well, Tuffi luckily survived this fall and lived for another 40 years.

The Runaway Elephant

Image Source: www.cartman.tv


3 Horn Up drinking

The bonding of leaders of Cuba and Soviet Union: Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev, clearly visible in this photograph taken in 1963 in the Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Horn Up drinking

Image Source: www.elfman.co.uk


4 Einstein on the beach, 1939

This photograph taken in September, 1939 has Einstein cooling down at a beach in Long Island. Einstein was famous for being sockless, as also shown here. Well, this is because he had flat feet and varicose veins. He had also jokingly admitted once that as a child he realised his big toe always made a hole in the socks, so he stopped wearing them.

Einstein on the beach, 1939

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


5 Dresden, 1945

With the horrors of the World War II, this photo is what true nightmares are made of. The bodies of people are piled up in Dresden, where the British and American forces had dropped off many bombs during the WWII days.

Dresden, 1945

Image Source: w.leolienne.com


6 Princess Maria

This was how the future Queen of Yugoslavia looked like on her wedding day in 1922.

Princess Maria

Image Source: www.tinypic.com


7 When Hollywood was Hollywood Land

The earlier version of the symbolic landmark sign of today’s Hollywood on Mount Lee in Los Angeles.

When Hollywood was Hollywood Land

Image Source: www.img.com


8 Hiroshima, 1945

Seen here is Captain Paul Tibbets settling himself in the plane when he was going to drop off the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Hiroshima, 1945

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

9 Berlin Olympics, 1936

German SS members resting on a lawn in The Olympic Stadium in Berlin: The men of this unit were deployed for the personal security of Adolf Hitler and the military arm made sure that these men were staunch Nazis and had the best equipment with them.

Berlin Olympics, 1936

Image Source: www.blogspot.com

10 Berlin, 1923

A man is using bank notes as wallpaper. Why? Well, this is a scene from the period of hyperinflation, when the inflation peaked at such a level that the value of the local currency dropped down drastically, so much so that it became useless to have the local currency. Here, this man took out some productivity from the useless currency notes.

Berlin, 1923

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


11 Assassin of Martin Luther King

The assassin of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray being taken to the court in 1968 with a bullet proof jacket on him. This step was taken after the assassin of John F. Kennedy was shot dead while they were taking him to the court. The FBI did not want another Lee Harvey Oswald.

Assassin of Martin Luther King

Image Source: www.abcnews.go.com

12 Luton, 1938

A policeman caught these children trying to sneak-peak into the rehearsals of Bertram Mills Circus. Don’t you just love the ‘Oh we got caught’ look on that boy’s face.

 Luton, 1938

Image Source: www.imgur.com

13 Opium Party in France, 1918

Just look at the levels of intoxication on these faces, including the servant holding that tray.

Opium Party in France, 1918

Image Source: www.imgur.com


14 Iron Lung for children with polio

The polio vaccinations started in 1937 but before that, children with polio had to be confined in these ventilators which made them breathe normally. Many children lived in these iron lungs for months, but not all survived because of the infections.

Iron Lung for children with polio

Image Source: www.blogspot.com

15 The origin of Sideburns

This American Soldier and a Civil War General named Ambrose Everett Burnside was famous for his facial hair style. His name is the inspiration behind the word, ‘Sideburns.’

The origin of Sideburns

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org


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