15 Highly Interesting Facts about Dreams That Will Make You Wonder

The importance of dreams can be dated way back to the Mesopotamian civilization-3100 BC during Roman Era. Dreams were analysed and interpreted by the Roman Senate as they thought dreams came from gods. Dreams governed the way they marched into battles, campaigns and also their culture. Though dreams are now scientifically demystified but still people seek answers and meanings to it. There are different interpretations on why we dream and so here are 15 interesting facts about dreams that might solve the question on why we dream.


190% of your dreams are forgotten

The longer you are awake, the more you forget your dreams. Within 10 minutes you forget almost 90% of your dreams. If you feel you have had a meaningful dream, note it down immediately after waking up.

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2Dreams also occur in blind people also

Blind people also dream but it varies. For people who were blind after birth, they can see actual images in their dreams but for those who were born blind, they may only see vivid images relating to their other senses such as, sound, touch, smell and emotion.      

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3Dreams occur to all

Excluding extreme psychological disorders, everybody dreams.  Our dreams are very much like the recycle bin of a computer that holds almost everything we discard in no particular order. It is the way of our brains processing information at random.

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4Only familiar faces appear in our dreams

We have seen hundreds and thousands of faces in our everyday life so it is very easy for our brain to make as many characters as possible. The faces that we see in our dreams are real but we might not remember them. Without being aware, our brains are imprinting the faces we see every day, like passersby in our subconscious mind.

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5Dreams can also be black and white because of black and white TV

During the year 1915-1950s, researches show that people usually dream in black and white even sighted people but recently only 4.4% dream in black and white and some researchers claim the reason that it may be because of switching of black and white TV to colour TV.

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