15 facts which are too weird to be true, but they are!

You may not be aware of these facts and the levels of absurdity they touch will make you believe that nobody is making them up in their minds, so they have to be true. Let’s take a look at them and be prepared to be shocked:


1 War against the sea

The Roman Emperor Caligula once ordered his troops to wage a war against the sea. He even made his soldiers to return with seashells as the plunder of war with the powerful Neptune.

War against the sea

Image Source: www.kidport.com

2 The first ten strikes

There are almost 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to start with the first ten moves of any game of chess. So guys, just start it. Don’t think too much over your moves on that board.

The first ten strikes

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

3 How shall we pronunciation this name?

The parents of a child born in Sweden in 1991 named him Brfxxccxxmnpccccllllmmnprxvclmnckssglbb11116. Whoa, that was a task to even type it; and exactly how are we supposed to pronounce it? No clue, but his parents say it is pronounced as “Albin.” They did this in order to protest against Swedish naming laws and eventually they got fined for 5000 kronor (almost 740 U.S. dollars) in 1996.

How shall we pronunciation this name

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4 Dancing plague in 1518 that led to deaths

As weird as it may sound, but this is true. In 1518, a woman started dancing in July for four to six days in Strasbourg and she was joined by around 400 dancers. Unfortunately, some of them died from heart attack, exhaustion, and stroke.

Dancing plague in 1518 that led to deaths

Image Source: www.documentingreality.com

5 Doctors’ handwriting takes lives

It is estimated that around 7,000 lives are lost in a year due to the messy handwriting of doctors.

Doctors’ handwriting takes lives

Image Source: www.fooyoh.com

6 Marilyn Monroe’s IQ was higher than Albert Einstein

Hard to believe right? But Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160 and Monroe was three points ahead.

Marilyn Monroe’s IQ was higher than Albert Einstein

Image Source: www.lxdcdn.net

7 National Anthem of Greece has 158 stanzas

How sharp the memory of the Greek must be, that they are used to singing their long National Anthem?

National Anthem of Greece has 158 stanzas

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

8 Hitler was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Yes, this is true! Hitler was actually named as Man of the Year in 1938 and was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939. World War II only began later that year.

Hitler was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Image Source: www.imgur.com


9 Honey never gets spoilt

However sticky and icky it may feel, but actually you can even eat ancient honey as it has low level of moisture and high levels of acidity.

Honey never gets spoilt

Image Source: www.shinnestatevineyards.com

10 Casinos in Las Vegas don’t have clocks

See how these casino owners make you forget everything else and let you be so lost in gambling. Thanks to the absence of clocks all around.

Casinos in Las Vegas don't have clocks

Image Source: www.itraveller.com

11 Love song of mice

Male mice sing sweet love songs to their partners. Awww…but we cannot hear these as the songs they vocalize are ultrasonic.

Love song of mice

Image Source: www.sciencenews.org


12 Toxic levels of Vitamin A in the liver of Polar bears

The levels of vitamin A present in the liver of a Polar bear is toxic for the humans, so much so that you may get killed if you eat that portion.

Toxic levels of Vitamin A in the liver of Polar bears

Image Source: www.polarbearsalive.org

13 World’s quietest room

This room is so silent that you can hear the flow of your blood and can even hallucinate. The surroundings are -9 decibels and for a normal conversation the decibel limit should be 60, so you can imagine how silent this room can be. The longest anyone could stay here was for 45 minutes.

World's quietest room

Image Source: www.cbsistatic.com

14 This one is just gross

Apparently the sweat of the armpit of a man can be helpful to women in relaxing their minds, boosting their mood and even regulating their menstrual cycle only if they apply it on their lips. No woman wants such peace. Period.

This one is just gross

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15 Official colour of the universe is “Cosmic latte”

This beige like colour was finalised as the official colour of the universe after an extensive study of more than 200,000 galaxies and the spectral range of the colours around them.

Official colour of the universe is “Cosmic latte”

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


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