15 Disturbing and graphic drawings that depict the true face of the world we live in

Modern society is very different from the society we had say, even 100 years back. The advent of technology and blatant exploitation of humans and Earth have changed the society for the worse. We have seen numerous wars and injustice being meted out openly. Terrorism has become a real threat and intolerance amongst common people threatens the foundations of the society.

The best way for anyone to depict the same is via a picture. An artist has tried to depict the evils of society of modern times in these 15 images.

1 Mobile phones taking over our lives

Mobile phones are probably the invention of the century and their technology has caused multiple devices to become extinct. Digital cameras, mp3 players, clocks, alarm clocks; all of these have become obsolete. They have become so important that people tend to carry out all of their business on it and let the phones dictate their lives.

Mobile phones taking over our lives

Image Source: www.gogetnews.info


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