15 Disturbing and graphic drawings that depict the true face of the world we live in

Modern society is very different from the society we had say, even 100 years back. The advent of technology and blatant exploitation of humans and Earth have changed the society for the worse. We have seen numerous wars and injustice being meted out openly. Terrorism has become a real threat and intolerance amongst common people threatens the foundations of the society.


The best way for anyone to depict the same is via a picture. An artist has tried to depict the evils of society of modern times in these 15 images.

1 Mobile phones taking over our lives

Mobile phones are probably the invention of the century and their technology has caused multiple devices to become extinct. Digital cameras, mp3 players, clocks, alarm clocks; all of these have become obsolete. They have become so important that people tend to carry out all of their business on it and let the phones dictate their lives.

Mobile phones taking over our lives

Image Source: www.gogetnews.info

2 Caged creativity

Our education system is focused more on theoretical knowledge rather than practical experience. The teaching pattern is designed to limit the creativity of a child. Even a grown-up adult, who is extremely creative in other fields, is forced to choose a career that will give a great return on the investment, rather than the person doing something that brings him enjoyment. The creativity to do things differently is shunned and caged.

Caged creativity

Image Source: www.szinesvilag.com

3 Beauty standards and hypocrisy

We all see the beauty pageants and all the beauty products which are used by the ultra-beautiful actresses and models, both male and female. They are designed to make a common person feel bad about himself/herself and then they try to become something that they are not. Even people, who are actively raising their voices against such things, actually want to be like the people in the adverts, but won’t admit to their own hypocrisy.

Beauty standards and hypocrisy

Image Source: www.ithome.com

4 Body shaming and faux fitness standards

It is good to be healthy and fit and it is something that everyone advocates. But some businesses are aggressively promoting a certain type of body look for females and males and they resort to making fun of people who do not look ‘perfect’ and shame them for being of that ‘body-type’ which is not approved by society, according to them. It leads to self-confidence issues and even suicides under pressure to look like thin models or have six or eight pack abs.

Body shaming and faux fitness standards

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr

5 Work life woes



In order to make more and more money, people have started devoting more and more time to their work. On the other hand, workplaces and businesses have begun to treat employees like animals and expect them to work 10-12 hours a day and that too for minimum wages. Despite having jobs and money, people long for family time, they see their children growing in their absence and this leads to hypertension and health problems.

Work life woes

Image Source: www.actualno.com


6 Controlling our inner dark selves

Thanks to ways of expressing ourselves, we have become so used to freedom and other luxuries that if anything is denied to us, it becomes difficult for us to control our inner beasts. There is something dark in all of us, which we keep under control. But it is becoming more difficult for us to control our inner beasts and the result can be seen in broken marriages, wars and many conflicts in daily lives.

Controlling our inner dark selves

Image Source: www.saigoncuoituan.net


7 Lovely nature

Nature is called Mother Nature for a reason; it takes care of all of its children, even if they don’t treat each other well. But thanks to increased deforestation, generally bad attitude towards natural flora and fauna and children not taking interest in knowing the nature, the love for the nature is decreasing day-by-day.

Mother Nature

Image Source: www.panofeed.com

8 Earth continues to burn

Overdoing things lead to one thing and that is disaster! That’s what we are doing right now to our Earth. Mining to acquire oils, deforestation and over pollution, all are causing the temperature of the Earth to rise constantly and the weather patterns are going haywire. We are literally burning our Earth to the ground and melting ice caps are an example of it.

Global Warming

Image Source: www.cdnpopularnie.pl

9 Childhood is getting over… Faster!

Thanks to the changing pattern of everything, the childhood is getting over faster. Earlier, children used to have curiosity about everything. The children now can learn anything with just a click of a button on the internet. They now just wait for the childhood to be over and their adulthood to start so that they can do all the things they saw on the internet. Technology has destroyed childhood.

Childhood is getting over

Image Source: www.gadoo.com.br


10 Monetary race

Everyone is after money. The currency race has become the sole reason for existence of some people. You need to have money for all the luxuries you want to live a comfortable life. The car, the house, all the latest pieces of gadgets, everything requires money and in the race of earning money, people forget that they are wasting precious time that they can spend with their family.

Running after money

Image Source: www.rackcdn.com

11 Spying in real-time

Our lives have become a reality TV show for all the friends and family and even strangers. Due to technology and internet, we tend to post every little detail on the internet. We click pictures of food and put it on the net. The internet also gives the government and other agencies a chance to keep an eye on us. We ourselves are giving everyone a chance to spy on us and these things often lead to cyber crimes and we only, become the victims of such activities.

Spying in real-time

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

12 The monotonous way of living life

When we reach adulthood and start earning and start a family, most of the times, our lives become robotic. It is the same routine over and over again, which never seem to end. Yes, there may be breaks and things here and there, but majorly it becomes a process of getting out of bed, bath, eat, office, work, return, eat, watch TV and sleep again.

way of living life

Image Source: www.nsln.com.ua


13 The real one within us

We all have a mask on our faces, because the real one in us is usually a small child. That small child has refused to grow up and still believes in fairy tales. That child still wants to roam alone, discovering new things along the way and want to travel to places far away. But that child within us remains inside in the form of unfulfilled wishes.

mask on our faces

Image Source: www.new-creator.info

14 Puppets of destiny

It is said that whatever we do and whatever happens to us is prewritten by the almighty. It seems like that, whenever we find ourselves in situations where we cannot help ourselves and go with the flow. It feels like we are being made to do things that normally we won’t do and it is like we are puppets, being controlled by someone else.

Puppets of destiny

Image Source: www.liveinternet.ru

15 The ultimate cycle of life

For most of us, it is the usual cycle of life happening. We do the same thing over and over again without excelling in anything or learning anything new. It is just a routine for us and in the end, on the deathbed, we reminisce about things that we could do and couldn’t do. We rue the missed chances and do not realize that we should have told people how we felt about them, stopped a minute more for that person who we wanted so badly and maybe took up a profession where we loved our work.

cycle of life

Image Source: www.thegeyik.com


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