15 best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that he’ll love!

It is that time of the year when the stress of expressing your love to you loved one, may kind of take the beauty away from the day! Yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day and we bring 15 fail safe ways to make DIY Valentine’s day gifts for your guy. He will not only love the gifts but love you all the more for having made them especially for him!


Here are 15 best DIY gifts for the love of your life-

1 Love wrapped bubble bath

Go for beautiful DIY printed papers and wrap his favourite bubble bath soaps in them! IF you want to go the extra mile, take a crash course and learn to make personalized soaps and bubble bath infusions. That will give you a new skill and your man will love your crazy effort.

Love wrapped bubble bath

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

2 Special tea bags

Make special tea bags with his favourite infusions. Include basil leaves or peppermint and make his personal tea kit. Make it even more romantic by cutting the tea bags into heart shapes.

Special tea bags

Image Source: www.delicooks.com

3 Your own special mugs

Gift him with beautiful handcrafted coffee mugs! Make these crafty by writing quotes expressing your love. If you are the artsy kind, apply your talents and create something unique and quirky!

Your own special mugs

Image Source: www.brendid.com

4 Favour jars

Nothing beats the rustic mason jars. If your guy loves to snack, make him a basket or homemade snacks tucked in cute little jars with his initials! Nothing beats your hand cooked food as a special valentine’s day gifts idea.

Love wrapped bubble bath

Image Source: www.cleanfoodlove.com

5 Cook a meal

If you can’t think of anything; make him a meal that he really loves. Think of a great breakfast in bed and prepare the tray with a full course meal with his favourite dishes and we are sure that it will be his best valentine’s day ever!

Cook a meal

Image Source: www.anoivasud.com.br

6 Wooden frames

Etch your names and make a wooden frame because we all want to feel a little corny in life! Your guy may never show that he may like it, but trust us; he will love your efforts more than anything.

Wooden frames

Image Source: www.inanhlengo.com

7 Recreate your first date

Go for the time tested gift and recreate your first date or the one special day in your life. Go the extra length and make it grand with music and hearts and flowers because we all want to get a little mushy in our life.

Recreate your first date

Image Source: www.pinterest.com


8 Compliment jar

Decorate a mason jar and fill it with the reasons of why you love or what you love about him. The best gift that you can give your guy on Valentine’s Day is acknowledgment for his love and care and let him know that he is loved.

Compliment jar

Image Source: www.mtvnimages.com

9 On the hour gift wraps

If you like a little drama, then go for on the hour gifts. Prepare 24 gifts of some of his favourite things and mark them as per the hour that they are to be opened at. Give him a little surprise every hour on the lovely day.

On the hour gift wraps

Image Source: www.welke.nl

10 Gadget cases

Get personalized gadget cases made for his phone or laptop. He will love a customized sleeve.

Gadget cases

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

11 Sunshine board

Help him reduce stress in his life and start his day on positive note by making a board of happy post which says “keep smiling”, “i love you”, “have a great day etc”! He can take one out every day!

Sunshine board

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12 A bouquet of their favourite drink

No matter if he is into tea or coffee, give him a cute basket or bouquet of his favourite drink from around the world to make his valentine month special. Drunken comfort kit for his house parties with the things he like, such as sock, pyjamas, medicine.

A bouquet of their favourite drink

Image Source: www.csimag.hu

13 Nutella basket

Yes it’s that easy if your guy is crazy for Nutella! Make him a Nutella basket and he will keep you like a princess.

Nutella baske

Image Source: www.sdlcdn.com

14 Love cards

This is the perfect way to express your love for him. Make some handmade cards for him and he will treasure them forever. Though not a very unique idea, but surely a hit one when it comes to valentine’s day gifts.

Love cards

Image Source: www.vk.me

15 Fragrances from around the world

Gift him a personalized box of all his favourite fragrances because there is nothing better than a man who smells great. And, you will too get extra reasons to be close to him. Need, we say more? 😉

Fragrances from around the world

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


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