14 Creepy photographs from the past that will give you nightmares

Our past is full of memories and stuff that happened completely in a time that is different from ours. Things were done according to that time and to us these things might seem extremely different because of the time difference.


Thanks to some photographs from the past, we know how things were then and some of the photos may even give you nightmares, because something that was normal in those times can be creepy for us and also pretty disturbing.

Here are 14 such photographs from the past to give you Goosebumps and possibly nightmares.


1 Boiler blast

This photo shows the aftermath of a blast on the old timey steam engine. These steam engines used coal to heat up the water stored to make steam and run the engine and the train. Here is seems that something went seriously wrong in the boiler and it malfunctioned. This resulted in these shredded metal ribbons.

Boiler blast

Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com


2 Medical college in 1900s

Medical colleges in 1900s were pretty gross and straight up ‘Hostel’ movie like. Corpses were routinely stolen from cemeteries or made available to students after any homeless person died. Also with next to no hygiene lessons, you can see the students cutting the corpse with bare hands, sans any gloves.

Medical college in 1900s

Image Source: www.clipmass.com


3 Posing with dead

The Spanish Civil War lasted for about 3 years but these scenes were very common. The Republican Army soldiers looted the treasures and sometimes even the mummified remains in the churches and other places where they were kept.

Posing with dead

Image Source: www.religionenlibertad.com


4 Goofing with the dead

Here you can see some American soldiers playing with the skulls in the Colon cemetery in Havana. In the period of 1897-1898, the cemetery was dug up to disinter the bodies of sailors who died on the United States Navy battleship Maine. This was done to bring the bodies back to the United States and bury them in the Arlington National Cemetery.

Goofing with the dead

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com


5 Gas masks

Here you can see different types of gas masks used during the First World War to keep people safe from chemical gas attacks. The masks look scary because at that time no one had the idea that gases would be used in the battle and hence these masks were dipped in chemicals like sodium hyposulphite, washing soda, glycerin and water to make them anti-gas.

Gas masks

Image Source: www.emgn.com


6 Semanta Santa ceremony

Semanta Santa is a ceremony held in Spain during the holy week just before the Easter. It is done to commemorate the last week in the life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Semanta Santa ceremony

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


7 Ventriloquism

Ventriloquism is an art where the performer modulates his voice as if it is coming from the puppet. The puppet usually has a moving mouth to manipulate, eyes that move and even dressed as a character. Though currently the art is critically endangered, back in the day, the art used to be one of the best ways to pass time and admittedly, the dolls were a lot creepier than today.


Image Source: www.upsocl.com

8 John Bauer and his favorite doll

John Bauer was a Swedish painter and was a specialist in painting mythology and landscape. He was born in 1882 and this picture depicts Bauer with his favorite creation the great troll doll known as Dunseklamp.

John Bauer and his favorite doll

Image Source: www.greenmanpress.com

9 Illuminati parties

You might think this a painting of some dream sequence by a known artist, but in reality this is a picture from one of the parties hosted by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the world famous Rothschild family. The party was hosted at the family’s Château de Ferrières in 1972. Imagine a party vis a vis ‘Eyes wide shut’ style with crazy masks, themes and anything that goes with that theme.

Illuminati parties

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


10 Clowns, scary clowns!!

Clowns are favorites of many people as children and are often the staple of birthday parties everywhere. But thanks to the images like these, many children also had phobias of clowns. Old timey clown costumes really hit the nail on the head in the creepy department.

Clowns, scary clowns!

Image Source: www.digitiser2000.com

11 Medicine was really creepy back then

This photo has a caption saying ‘A student’s dream’ and shows a medical student sleeping on a gurney and surrounded by skeletons and cadavers. Really the medical colleges in those times were really stuff of nightmares.

Medicine was really creepy back then

Image Source: www.galaxant.com

12 Old time diving suit or Ironman prototype?

This is not a real prototype of Ironman suit, but a 1911 prototype of diving suit created by Chester Macduffee. It was a 550 pound suit made of aluminum alloy. This armor was a working model that went to the depths of 212 feet, creating a new world record for deep sea diving in the United States.

Old time diving suit or Ironman prototype?

Image Source: www.kn3.net


13 Buster Keaton and a look-alike

Buster Keaton was a well known and famous silent film actor, director and stuntman. He is best known for his films which had lots of physical comedy in it, which Keaton delivered with an expressionless face.

Buster Keaton and a look-alike

Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com

14 Original McDonald’s Ronald McDonald

Before we knew McDonald’s mascot as a red haired, jumpsuit wearing clown, the original Ronald McDonald was portrayed by actor Willard Scott from 1963-65 and he also starred in the first 3 television commercials to feature Ronald.

Original McDonald’s Ronald McDonald

Image Source: www.pokazuha.ru


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