14 Creative and memorable ways to spend this Valentine’s Day with your special someone

The Day of Love is finally here! No matter how corny you believe this day to be, if you are in a committed relationship, then you should admit that you have for once at least given a thought as to how you can create some romantic memories. Don’t worry, the world out there is celebrating this day of love and so should you and especially because this time it falls on a Sunday, you literally have an entire day to do anything and everything with your lover. And if you haven’t made up plans till now, fret not as we are here for your rescue. We will be giving some amazing ideas on how you can creatively, innovatively, romantically and happily spend time with your special someone. So, let’s get started with those 14 ideas, which are going to make your 14th February extra special. 


1 Spa date at home!

In this world of hectic schedules, nothing can be as comforting and rejuvenating as a spa treatment. But, here’s the catch for Valentine’s day! Don’t go out; instead give your partner the best love massage that he can ever have. You may not be a pro, but you know very well where to touch and how to make him feel relaxed. So, take out your massage oils, put on some soothing music, some scented candles to fill up the room with a special aroma and you can enjoy one of the most romantic dates ever, without even going out of your house. And your man would certainly love to return the favor.

Spa date at home!

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2 Go for a dinner-making date!

If you don’t want to be among the hundreds of couples out there who will most certainly go to restaurants to have dinner, then you canskip the dinner date. No, we don’t mean that you don’t eat, but instead of going out, why don’t you both try to cook together. Try to cook something new, something which both of you would love to eat. And trust me, the entire time that you will be spending on preparing dinner will be really special. So, set-up a dinner-making date with your mate.

Go for a dinner-making date!

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3 Movie- Marathon

Now watching a movie is an old idea, but what if we say that you go for a horror-movie marathon! Yes, sounds weird, right? But guys think about it, the moment something scary pops up on the screen, your girl will snuggle up like you’re her savior. So, it will be romantic, but not the usual soppy romantic. And if you want that, then ‘The Notebook’ will forever come to your rescue!

Movie- Marathon

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4 Adventure lovers can go hiking and camping

You guys have an entire day for the both of you and want to make it adventurous, so nothing better than a date in which you can go hiking and camping. Pack up snacks and food for dinner, stuff needed for hiking and your tent and drive off to spend this Valentine’s Day with nature and your adventurous spirit. Enjoy hiking during the day and in the evening ignite the bon-fire and cuddle up with your partner to have dinner in the lap of nature and then sleep together in the tent or do whatever that you want to!

Adventure lovers can go hiking and camping

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5 Try going to the zoo

Now, this might be a little too weird for you to do as adults, but spending time with animals and looking at their mating rituals, can make you guys come even closer as animals don’t think much like us humans. They express whatever they feel and you can learn something from these beautiful creatures.

Try going to the zoo

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6 Hit the sky- Either in a helicopter or a hot air balloon

There can be nothing more special than touring your city, but from above the ground! Take a helicopter ride and go about mapping the skyline with your special someone. Helicopter rides can be a little noisy, so you can also take a hot air balloon ride. The beauty and excitement of being in a hot air balloon with your partner is simply out of this world.

Hit the sky- Either in a helicopter or a hot air balloon

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7 Join hands to volunteer

Couples usually spend Valentine’s Day all alone, but some gold-hearted couples try to make their day by making the day special for others. If you have a cause which is as close to your heart as your partner, then take him/her along with you to serve food to the orphan children or spread love among the old folks. Such a gesture will not only make your day special, it will tell your partner about what kind of a person you are; that you have a beautiful soul and trust us, you and your partner will soulfully feel more connected after such a date!

Join hands to volunteer

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8 Write a traditional love letter

Well, you must be thinking, who writes love letters when we can post a loving status on Facebook! But, the charm of a hand-written love letter is beyond words. It’s the classic gesture of conveying emotions and your lover will not just love you more after receiving one, but will cherish that letter forever!

Write a traditional love letter

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9 Be creative with balloons

Fill a room or a closet with balloons. Now, the surprise part comes here- write personalized messages and put those strips inside the balloons. Apart from those, you can also put some small gifts, rose petals and heart-shaped confetti, and place a card saying, “Pop-up the balloons for your surprise, My Love”. And she will surely be surprised to find all those special things.

Be creative with balloons

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10 Candlelight Breakfast

Candlelight dinners are too cliché, so we suggest you go for a candlelight breakfast. Prepare the breakfast table with foods and drinks that the both of you love and put some candles on the table. You may switch off all the lights and draw all curtains so that the candlelight is prominent.

Candlelight Breakfast

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11 Rewind the younger days

Everybody loves the days of the past. It doesn’t matter whether you are 25 or 65, you can simply relive your days of the past because in that way you will not relive your previous times, but this will also rekindle the romance between you guys. Take some cues from this adorable couple.

Rewind the younger days

Image Source: www/wordpress.com

12 Cater to the fantasy of your partner

You must be aware of something that your partner would love see you doing or something that he himself wants to do but has never been able to do that. Let the world of fantasy between you two become a reality on this Valentine’s Day.

Cater to the fantasy of your partner

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13 Treat your partner like a celebrity

This is the day on which you can treat your girl like a celebrity or better still, like a princess. Gift her an amazing dress and ask her to wear that for your date. Then take her to the most lavish place in town in a Limousine. Make her feel like she is the queen of your life. Now, this idea may seem like a tried and tested way to make her feel special and this is the reason why we are mentioning it here because you simply cannot go wrong if you go for this plan.

Treat your partner like a celebrity

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14 Pop the proposal

There can be no better day that Valentine’s Day to pop up the question. But we suggest that you don’t go down on your knees, instead take your love to a sky high limit and then let the entire city know it once and for all that you guys indeed are going to marry. Well, that is if she says yes! Don’t worry, she will, for your efforts will see the light of the day and she will say, “Yes, I will marry you.”

Love is in the air and your life is beautiful with a loving partner, make this day as special as that person is to you. Happy Vale

Pop the proposal

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