14 Creative and memorable ways to spend this Valentine’s Day with your special someone


The Day of Love is finally here! No matter how corny you believe this day to be, if you are in a committed relationship, then you should admit that you have for once at least given a thought as to how you can create some romantic memories. Don’t worry, the world out there is celebrating this day of love and so should you and especially because this time it falls on a Sunday, you literally have an entire day to do anything and everything with your lover. And if you haven’t made up plans till now, fret not as we are here for your rescue. We will be giving some amazing ideas on how you can creatively, innovatively, romantically and happily spend time with your special someone. So, let’s get started with those 14 ideas, which are going to make your 14th February extra special. 

1 Spa date at home!

In this world of hectic schedules, nothing can be as comforting and rejuvenating as a spa treatment. But, here’s the catch for Valentine’s day! Don’t go out; instead give your partner the best love massage that he can ever have. You may not be a pro, but you know very well where to touch and how to make him feel relaxed. So, take out your massage oils, put on some soothing music, some scented candles to fill up the room with a special aroma and you can enjoy one of the most romantic dates ever, without even going out of your house. And your man would certainly love to return the favor.

Spa date at home!

Image Source: www.qwmassage.com


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