13 Tons Of Gold Discovered At The Residence Of This Corrupt Chinese Official

Corruption and the government are like peanut butter and jelly, they go hand in hand. But what about a country that has a death sentence if found guilty of corruption? Obviously, in those places, corruption is less or non-existent?


Unfortunately, no! Even in a country like China where people found guilty of corruption are punished by death, people still are corrupt. A news headline that swept social media was the discovery of a Chinese official who fulfilled his lifelong dream of being Scrooge McDuck by having a secret room full of gold in his house.

1Corruption and the government

Corruption in any government isn’t a new thing. This has been going on for centuries. But, it is the level of corruption that surprises us not the act itself. Recently, a news headline that has been making waves across the Internet was the discovery of 13.5 tons of gold at the residence of a Chinese official.


Image Source: sandesh.com

2Why this is so shocking?

Most people might be wondering why this is such a shocking news headline as corruption is in every government and nation. The issue arises as this happens in China where corruption is punishable by death. After the trial, if the accused is found guilty then he will be sentenced to death for his crimes.


Image Source: sputniknews.com

3Who is the accused?

The accused is Zhang Qi, who was at one time a top official in the province of Hainan. According to the statements given by the authorities, the accused is the latest name on the list of people accused of taking bribes. This was part of an ongoing corruption crackdown by Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Image Source: cbc.ca

4How was the discovery made?

According to reports the current Chinese President Xi Jinping has brought down strict efforts to clean out his cabinets of corrupt officials. This includes sudden raids of high ranking officials’ homes. They could be present officials or even past officials but if they had an allegation of taking bribes which Zhang Qi did, their house gets raided.


Image Source: bbci.co.uk

5What did the raid discover?

When the raid was conducted in the residence of Zhang Qi the authorities were shocked to find over 13 tons of gold hidden away in the basement of the residence. Not only that but the authorities also found billions in cash and other assets. Zhang Qi is now another name on the list of former officials removed for misdeeds in office.


Image Source: wsj.net


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