13 Things Everyone Seems To Be Getting Wrong About Darth Vader

Darth Vader was and still is one of the most iconic characters in the history of film. George Lucas’ creation of the man we first started hating and then gradually began to feel for led us through moments of fantasy and awe with an epic still remembered fondly from the inception of the very first Star Wars. The force is still very strong even though stiff competition exists in the likes of fantasy movies out there. But unfortunately there are several facts that everyone gets wrong about the king size personality as a result of wrong assumptions. If you want to know what they are then read on about the 13 things wrong about Darth Vader.


13 He did not say “Luke I am your father”

This line became as iconic as the movie where fans started using it for almost every form of friendly address or status. It became one of the most famous quotes in movie history but Darth Vader did not say that. This is how the conversation went. “He [Obi Wan] told me you killed him,” When Luke referred to what Obi wan Kenobi had told him to which Vader replies “No, I am your father.” So that clears the confusion.


Luke I am your father

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12 The Useless Control Panel

Several star wars haters made fun about Darth Vader’s control panel present on his chest. But it’s not as useless as you think because it does have its functions. The red button is a manual override where Vader can access more energy without it going haywire. The blue button above it restored automated functions and while the others are for various programming the red one on the far right (red in episodes 5 and 6) resets Vader’s life support system. It can actually immobilize and kill him if remained shut off for a long time but then who could ever get close enough to Vader to do that.

The Useless Control Panel

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11 Vader Should Recognize C3PO

Anakin knew C3Po so why didn’t Vader recognize him in Cloud City. This puzzles a whole lot of fans but the explanation could be that there are several droids who could be looking like him. The other explanation is that the traumatic incidents which influenced the creation of Anakin into Darth Vader made him forget many memories of his early life. Moreover, in order to gain total control of the dark force, he has suppressed all of his memories.


Vader Should Recognize C3PO

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10 Anakin is a better fighter than Darth Vader

There has been a lot of criticism about the fighting styles of Vader and Anakin when a comparison is made between the prequels and original films. In the prequels light saber duels became more intense and fast paced but since Obi wan beat Anakin and Darth Vader Killed Obi Wan, then Vader should be considered the better fighter. However Anakin used the fighting technique called Form V that involved targeted deflections of blaster fire, solid blocks, and counterattacks but as Vader he adopted a new form of attack. The new technique was a combination of Form V and Sith style. He used his powers over the force to fight at a safe distance without the use of much energy used only for decisive and effective blasts which is why Obi wan lost against him.

Anakin is a better fighter than Darth Vader

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9 Where Did Vader Get his Scar?

The origin of the scar on Vader’s face can never be found in any of the movies try as hard as you may. The scar was a result of a fight between Anakin and Asajj Ventress that took place in the book The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader. Asajj Ventress was trained by count Dooku and though Anakin almost defeated Ventress, he was left with the huge scar on his face.


Where Did Vader Get his Scar

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8 Darth Vader and Dark Father

In Dutch Darth Vader Means “Dark Father’’ which was confirmed by Lucas. In the original script, Darth Vader wasn’t meant to be Luke’s father. Both Characters were combined after the name Darth Vader was chosen.

Darth Vader and Dark Father

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7 The Sith Kill for Fun

Just because we have seen a few Sith on screen, it has become a common assumption that the Sith only kill for fun. The Sith have both a plan and purpose as well as a code exonerating their actions. The code is “Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.”

The Sith Kill for Fun

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6 Anakin Must Stay Celibate

In a scene from “Attack of the Clones” Anakin tells Padme, “Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden.” This led to a huge discussion about whether Anakin would marry or remain celibate. Although Anakin had to hide his relationship with Padme from others, the big question was did he sleep with her or not. Well!! Lucas confirmed the fact that he did when he said “Jedi Knights aren’t celibate—the thing that is forbidden is attachments—and possessive relationships.” The controversy is a bit stupid because where exactly did Luke and Leia come from if Anakin was celibate.

Anakin Must Stay Celibate

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5 Force Ghost of Young Anakin

Critics had a field day in the remastered version of the Star Wars films that sowed a force ghost of Anakin. Critics were especially bothered about the fact that Anakin’s ghost appeared as a young version of himself along with Yoda and Obi Wan who are older. Perhaps this has something to do with the light side and loss of humanity. Obi Wan and Yoda died when they were Jedis. But Anakin died as a Sith. Even though he may have redeemed himself, he was still a Sith. Thus the obvious choice of his ghost form would be when he was a human Jedi.

Force Ghost of Young Anakin

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4 Losing to Obi Wan

Many are of the opinion that Anakin should never have lost to Obi Wan in their duel but this was one of the things wrong about Darth Vader. It was widely regarded that Anakin was a superior fighter but this wasn’t true. Obi Wan was a master of the Form III or Soresu, the strongest defensive technique. He would tire out his opponents and then make a move and with Anakin he also gained the higher ground. Obi Wan had a similar experience with Darth Maul who had the high ground over him but Obi Wan flipped him over and cut him in half. When Obi wan felt Anakin was about to attempt the same move against him, he warns him not to. Anakin did not listen and Obi Wan then cut his legs off.

Losing to Obi Wan

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3 The Sith Are Too Emotional

Just like Kylo Ren, Darth Vader too is an emotional man who kills with his fingers any time he pleases. While this is a common trait for the Sith and the Jedi try to control their emotions, fans associate this with weakness But anger and hatred is like energy for the Sith. In one scene we see Vader in a meditation chamber without a helmet. The chamber provides him life support when without a helmet but Vader is actually honing his powers through the pain and anger he feels when without his helmet. It can also be seen that when Luke strokes Vader, he is angered and his attack becomes more forceful as anger is a weapon for the sith.

The Sith Are Too Emotional

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2 The Midichlorians

The Midichlorian debate has been raging on for a long time. Many feel that the appearance of Midichlorians in the prequels as an attempt to explain the force were of no use. Critics feel that it made the force appear less magical and contradictory but this assumption was wrong. Miichlorians do not make up the force but they are what allow people to use it in the manner of a medium. They are the force receptors and more Midichlorians means more force potential.

The Midichlorians

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1 Anakin’s Decent into Madness

Among things wrong about Darth Vader, Psychologists have attempted to explain Anakin’s descent into the dark side. In one theory, Anakin suffered from mental illness at an early age and displayed symptoms of BPD or Borderline personality disorder. He experienced two dissociative incidents which were secondary to stressful events. He exterminated a whole tribe of Tuskans after his mother’s death. After he entered the dark side he also slaughtered most of the Jedi younglings before speaking paranoid thoughts about his former mentor and his wife. The film also showcased his own quest to find himself and who he really was. The turn to the dark side was an indication of identity disturbance.

Anakin’s Decent into Madness

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