12 Weird Facts about China’s little Kingdom that allows only people under four feet tall

There is actually a kingdom for little people and it can be found in China. On the surface, this may seem all magical and a theme park straight out of a fairy story, but there’s a tragic treason too behind its existence.

In Kunming, Yunnan China lies the kingdom of little people, an entire village meant only for dwarfed people. Sadly, life in China isn’t easy for stunted people. One of the comments that sum up the reason for the park states ““They can’t work anywhere; they are disabled people, so we have a village for them to live and be happy in. No one would hire a dwarf,” The village itself is a huge theme park restricted only to dwarves although it is open for exhibition. Many fee l it is exploitive in nature and what ethics govern the nature of the park is only known to the Chinese government. Be that as it may, the park runs to full houses for local visitors and here are 12 facts about china’s little kingdom.

12 They Live in Tiny Houses

The houses in the park are especially designed for little people because every resident in the park is of a certain height. The owner of the park hired a special contractor for the purpose to ensure the houses conformed to the required size. There are several mushroom styled houses in which the residents pretend to live for the benefits of visitors.

They Live in Tiny Houses

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

11 There’s A Height Restriction for Workers

In order to work at the kingdom of little people, you have to be a dwarf yourself but even then there is a restriction on the maximum height. To be eligible to live in the park, you have to be less than 51 inches tall. The kingdom of little people gets several applications from dwarves to live in the park which goes to show that discrimination is a very real thing in China where a person with disabled height can’t get a job.

kingdom of little people

Image Source: www.jagran.com

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