12 Weird Facts about China’s little Kingdom that allows only people under four feet tall

There is actually a kingdom for little people and it can be found in China. On the surface, this may seem all magical and a theme park straight out of a fairy story, but there’s a tragic treason too behind its existence.


In Kunming, Yunnan China lies the kingdom of little people, an entire village meant only for dwarfed people. Sadly, life in China isn’t easy for stunted people. One of the comments that sum up the reason for the park states ““They can’t work anywhere; they are disabled people, so we have a village for them to live and be happy in. No one would hire a dwarf,” The village itself is a huge theme park restricted only to dwarves although it is open for exhibition. Many fee l it is exploitive in nature and what ethics govern the nature of the park is only known to the Chinese government. Be that as it may, the park runs to full houses for local visitors and here are 12 facts about china’s little kingdom.


12 They Live in Tiny Houses

The houses in the park are especially designed for little people because every resident in the park is of a certain height. The owner of the park hired a special contractor for the purpose to ensure the houses conformed to the required size. There are several mushroom styled houses in which the residents pretend to live for the benefits of visitors.

They Live in Tiny Houses

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11 There’s A Height Restriction for Workers

In order to work at the kingdom of little people, you have to be a dwarf yourself but even then there is a restriction on the maximum height. To be eligible to live in the park, you have to be less than 51 inches tall. The kingdom of little people gets several applications from dwarves to live in the park which goes to show that discrimination is a very real thing in China where a person with disabled height can’t get a job.

kingdom of little people

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10 They Put On Daily Performances of Odd Things

The residents of the park are forever acting out weird scenes for the benefits of tourists and spectators. From movie scenes to fantasy, gymnastics and dancing. Occasional they act out a Chinese ballet or quigong which is a form of Chinese Yoga. This is one of the requirements for their stay at the park to put on a great show for the commercial success of the park.


gymnastics and dancing

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9 There’s A Dwarf King or Emperor

There is one particular performer who is recognized by the park as the king of the dwarves or the Dwarf Emperor as the Chinese call him. The Emperor is just 3.3 feet and wears a gold cape as a symbol of his status. During shows he is made to ride a three wheeler. He also has a queen who plays the role of Dwarf Empress during shows.

Dwarf King or Emperor

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8 The Performers Actually Like It

Although those reading this article may not be amused at the fact of such a place existing in the world, the performers are pleased with themselves and the fact there is a special place where they can live and roam freely among themselves without facing discrimination every day. One performer was quoted as saying “I don’t care in the slightest if people come here to laugh at us. If they see how happy we are in spite of everything, maybe they will see how small their own problems are. As small people we are used to being pushed around and exploited by big people. But here there aren’t any big people and everything we do is for us,” That explains how happy they are in China’s little kingdom.


China’s little kingdom.

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7 They Have Their Own Police and Fire Service

The people in the little kingdom are extremely self-sufficient. Where security is concerned, there aren’t any dwarves in this department. Security guards are of normal height and so is their own personal police force and fire department which is necessary to keep visitors in check and avoid any untoward incidents.


little kingdom police force

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6 There Are No Infectious Diseases

Apart from the height requirements, there is an unrealistic age requirement that one shouldn’t be over 50. People with dwarfism aren’t expected to live that long. The main requirement however, is that no one should suffer from any infectious disease.


kingdom of the little people

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5 They’re earning more Than Most Locals

The dwarves of china’s little kingdom aren’t complaining at all for living there because they are well off. Besides having their own exclusive village, they even get paid for their services. Housing is, of course, a guaranteed incentive. To top that they receive $147 a month. Although it doesn’t sound like a great deal, in China it is more than what a normal person would earn in one of the poorer rural regions of China. Performing Dwarves also receive extra monetary incentives and the chance to join counseling sessions and extracurricular activities free of charge.


The dwarves of china’s little kingdom

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4 The Owner Wants It to Grow

The Kingdom of little people have more than a hundred workers living and working there. But the owner isn’t satisfied and wants to expand the park, its attractions, including the workforce. The ultimate goal is to have at least 800 -1000 little people working in the kingdom. This could be a big task for the park to increase its infrastructure to supply the resources for sustaining that number of people.


The Kingdom of little people

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3 They Don’t Have To Have Any Training

The biggest advantage for the dwarves eligible to stay in the theme park is that there are no requirements of training. If it was mandatory for the dwarves to know gymnastics or acrobatics then it would be difficult however that isn’t the case. People are trained after they gain entry to the park and integrated into the performances according to their capabilities.


dwarves theme park

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2 It is considered to be a Charity

The Kingdom of Little People was opened by Chen Mingjing an entrepreneur who started the theme park with his own money. After seeing people afflicted with dwarfism sleeping and living on the streets of China, he was both touched and inspired to start a home for them that they could belong to and call their own. He claims he did it with the intention of improving their lives and that the park is an effort of charity more than a commercial ventures. Although there is no doubting his intentions for spending $4 million to start the park, one wonders then why the need for the inmate to put on a show every day.


The Kingdom of Little People was opened by Chen Mingjing

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1 They Perform a Crazy Swan Lake

The oddest show which is totally unexpected is their own style of ballet performance of Swan Lake. It is more like a parody of the famous Russian ballet where performers dress up in pink tutus and tights and start wiggling around on stage. Although it makes spectators laugh, dwarves like Chen Ruan are happy to do it because it makes him feel proud. Before he came to the park, he was collecting refuse with his parents. The Chinese kingdom of little people has given him a home, companions and a much better life.


They Perform a Crazy Swan Lake

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