12 Smart Waiter Tricks Practiced In Most Restaurants That You Might Not Have Noticed

In every field of work, employees master the tricks of the trade. This is most prevalent in the service industry like hotels and restaurants where waiters have to be on the tips of their toes to handle customers. Waiters have many traps to lure customers or fool them into believing otherwise. These are 12 cunning tricks used by waiters on unsuspecting customers. So now you’ll know better.

1 The golden table

Restaurants don’t like people passing by to see that they are empty. This is why if you enter a restaurant that is empty; you’re most probably going to be seated at the worst table near a glass window or door. This gives the impression that the restaurant has customers. It’s a ploy to attract patrons or else no one would enter. This is termed the “golden table rule where attractive groups or couples are seated by windows to create a good impression of the restaurant.

The golden table

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2 The reserved sign does not always mean the table is reserved

Many restaurants have few couple seats and most of the seats may be 4 or six seaters. To avoid couples taking over such tables and spending hours, reserved signs are put on these tables. Six customers are always better than two, it’s good for business.

The reserved sign

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3 The 5 second rule

This can sound disgusting but it’s a common practice in restaurant kitchens. Any food dropped by a waiter before being served can be picked up if it has not remained on the ground for longer than 5 seconds. That food is still regarded as good to go!! But! Who really cares about those 5 seconds and in many places, the rule is extended to 10 seconds or longer.

food dropped by a waiter

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