12 Secrets from Airline employees revealed which you might not know about

Each profession has its own dark secrets (well not so dark secret most of the time) which are well hidden from the passengers at large and may prove scandalous if it comes out in the open. Here are some of the secrets from airline employees which we would otherwise never get to know, even if in our famous airlines!


1 Not all minor failures are recorded and reported

Now this might sound scary for the passengers as it has potentiated effects. But in reality the sheer number of safety checks is enormous, depending upon the priorities for flight and security. Still these minor glitches do not directly affect the safety of the flight and the passengers and are dealt with later carefully.

priorities for flight and security

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2 Why are there hands grips inside the plane doors?

These grooves are meant for flight attendants in case of air turbulence and serious weather problems during the flight. Most of the time panicky passengers end up in a stampede and flight attendants have to safe guard themselves by securing themselves by these grooves which helps them to stay upright.

hands grips inside the plane doors

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3 Is it true that Captain and Co Pilots are fed differently?

Yes in case of an eventuality when one of the captains is poisoned then the co pilot has to take over the control. Though it has not happened in the new history but precautions are always taken to this day.

Captain and Co Pilots

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4 Locks do not protect the luggage in the cargo

This may sound a bit disturbing that hanging s on your luggage do not endure complete safety of your luggage. It can be easily opened by a sharp knife or pencils, which further damages the zipper too.

protect the luggage in the cargo

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5 Why cannot we smoke in the flight?

Among secrets from airlines employees, It’s a common knowledge that we cannot smoke in the flight for quite many years now. This rule is not without its reasons, first being the possibility of fire in a controlled and small area which can potential fatal for all. Secondly, also it leads to huge amount of secondary smoking in kids and toddlers. Finally the biggest reason was economically one- as the air on boards in highly controlled and constantly filtered and the resins and fumes damages the cleaning machines in the flight.

smoke in the flight

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6 Seven most common reasons why our luggage gets lost

Here are 7 reasons why the luggage gets lost 1) it’s probably going through extra security checkup and wasn’t loaded on time. 2) Some novice staff accidentally at the luggage in to another belt by mistake. 3) Air employee might have put wrong stickers on the cargo baggage. 4) Passengers sometime forget to remove the old stickers from the previous travels and it adds up your confusion.5) suitcases fell on the wrong trolley towards the plane and no one notices. 6) The Luggage recognition system made an error or the label got lost.

Seven most common reasons why our luggage gets lost

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7 Why passengers are asked to turn off their mobile phones?

Contrary to popular belief cell phones can create static radio signals, which hinders the pilot to hear important information from the ground staff from the dispatcher.

Turn off their mobile phones

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8 Airplane employees and their closes family members have reduced price tickets

Yes its true many airlines have discounted or slashed out ticket fee for their closest family members to travel in the flights with their close family members. The pilots only have to pay for the taxes and duties alone and the flight itself is free.

Airplane employees and their closes family members

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9 lavatory Doors can be easily opened from the outside

Every airline has special switch on the doors that’s hidden under “NO SMOKING” or “LAVATORY” sign. This is made not infringe any privacy of passengers but to avoid the door in case someone is passed out or looking alarmingly for first aid.

lavatory Doors

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10 Aisle and window seats armrests can be raised too

Many people get deeply annoyed that ail and window seats are fined in the armrests. However it’s not true, all you need to do is to push the small button on the side near the base of the armrests and be comfy. But the catch is….at the end if flight the flight attendant would ask you to put the seat back in the original position.

Aisle and window seats armrests

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11 When to book tickets economically?

It’s a common belief the earlier you book the tickets it’s cheaper but it’s nothing but a myth. However on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday the tickets are bit cheaper.

When to book tickets economically

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12 Be polite and it’s win win situation!

One of the best non secrets of airline employees is that flight attendants have confessed umpteen times, politeness and gentlemanly behavior makes them more than ready to please you. If you want to know the football score they would get for you, have troubles with your seats, you be offered a much better seats no questions asked. So all you need to be is NICE to get the brownie points.

flight attendant attending the passengers in the flight

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