12 Of the Most Shocking Mutations Caused From Exposure to Radiation

Radiation is a relatively new subject for scientists having been observed for about 100 years or so. The effects of radiation have been a constant subject of study causing mutations of the worst and most incomprehensible type. Children especially have been affected by radiation and born with mutations causing appalling birth defects and permanent disabilities. The after effects of locations like Chernobyl, Fukushima and even the atomic bomb of WWII are testament to the dangers of radiation. Listed here are 12 cases of shocking mutations caused by radiation.


12 Adil Zhilyaev

Adil Zhilyaev was born with deformities due to his Mother’s exposure to radioactive material caused by Soviet era weapons testing in the Polygon which was also caused many orphans. Adil’s deformity was infantile cerebral paralysis and hydrocephalia which threatens her chances of survival. Because parents do not possess the means to take care of such children, several like Adil have been abandoned to the care of orphanages in the area.


Under A Nuclear Cloud

Image Source: www.vqronline.org


11 Three-Eyed Fish

This three eyed fish was caught by Argentinian Fishermen. It was a mutated wolf fish found in Lake Cordoba in 2011. Locals were of the opinion that the mutation was the result of constant dumping of radioactive waste in the lake. The fisherman who caught it was Julien Zmutt who thought he had caught just another fish until he noticed the third eye on its head. It was sent to a lab for tests.

Three-Eyed Fish

Image Source: www.thrillist.com

10 Earless Bunny

The earless Bunny is another shocking mutation that has turned out to be a horrific reminder of what may be in store for the wildlife around Fukushima. Results of the radiation on the environment surrounding the leaking nuclear plant have started appearing recently and the earless Bunny is one of the first mutations appearing in 2011. Even now Fukushima looks like a ghost town where the area is being closely monitored by authorities for any further mutations.


Earless Bunny

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


9 Vasilii

At first glance, this boy looks like any other small child except for one difference. He is 15 years old. Vasili is one of the children born in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster where even till now the effects of the radiation are preying on children. However, Vasili’s disability may not be directly associated with radiation but scientists feel the radiation played a major role in causing such deformities and birth defects in children.


Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

8 Radioactive Spiders

In Chernobyl, it is bugs in the surrounding areas that have showed the greatest signs of radiation mutation. The effect of mutation on spiders has been observed in the erratic manner of their webs which resembled those of spiders under the effects of drugs in research and testing environments. The webs also emits radiation posing a danger to wildlife.


Radioactive Spiders

Image Source: www.mshcdn.com

7 Chernobyl Cow

During the exodus from Chernobyl, farmers took their livestock with them as well but radiation ultimately reared its ugly head among livestock. The image taken in 1989 is that of a cow whose family tree has been affected by the radiation emitted from Chernobyl. The Cow with a cleft lip is also suffering from several internal problems. Cows affected by radiation also produce toxic milk unfit for human consumption.


Chernobyl Cow

Image Source: www.ocdn.eu

6 Adaptation

Surprisingly the worst type of mutation from radiation is adapting to ones radioactive environment. Scientists have observed how birds have adapted to a radioactive environment in Chernobyl. The worst effects of radiation have been observed in barn swallows that for generations since the incident are being born with deformities and disabilities such as cataracts, tiny beaks, tumors and small brains. Each generation of swallow shows an even worse form of mutation with no end in sight. The only bird that seems to have adapted to its environment is the “Great Tit”



Image Source: www.the-scientist.com

5 Zhannoor Zhumageldina

16 year old Zhanoor is the perfect example of radiation acquired from living in the area called “The Polygon”, a site for repeated nuclear bomb testing in the soviet era. The 16 year old who suffers from multiple deformities is seen here being washed by her mother, Mayra. Zhanoor suffers from microcephalia and sixth degree scoliosis which has twisted her spine because of her family’s exposure to radiation. Zhanoor lives in a vegetative state and is completely in the care of her mother who can’t even afford diapers for the girl.


Zhannoor Zhumageldina

Image Source: www.wixstatic.com

4 Child Baldness

In and around the radiation zone of Chernobyl has witnessed several children being born with birth defects. The defects vary from premature death to handicaps and baldness. Although the government has been downplaying the radiation, several children have lost their hair including their eyebrows.

Image Source: www.imgix.net[/caption]


3 Mutated Daisies

Not many examples of mutation have come out if Fukushima as the meltdown is a relatively new incident. However, a few examples have been appearing among the flora and fauna of the area such as mutated daisies. The picture below went viral after being tweeted by a Japanese user. Even though scientists are split on the subject. More examples will soon help term reach a collective decision that radiation is to blame.

Mutated Daisies

Image Source: www.naturalsociety.com


2 Berik Sydykov

The Polygon was the area in Kazakhstan where the Soviet government would test nuclear weapons with n warning to the local population. A report titled “The genetic passport” featured Berik Sydykov as one example of the people living in the vicinity of the testing sites. Berik was born with skin deformities that engulf his entire face because of his mother’s exposure to radiation. His condition is untreatable in Kazakhstan and as a result it has left Berik blind.

Berik Sydykov

Image Source: www.vimeocdn.com

1 Cyclops Baby

Among shocking mutations is another image featured in the Genetic Passport, a report by Vice shows what type of horrors can emanate out of radiation mutation of genes. Many people living in the Polygon area are deformed. Those who have lived through the explosions witnessed as colored lights and mushroom clouds have even acquired various levels of cancer. Children have been born with deformities, some fatal. The reason for the term ‘genetic passport’ was because of the issuance of specific passports to such residents to show that they have lived in such areas as a deterrent that they don’t spread their genes to other parts of the world. Although harsh but necessary, it is only the government of the time who is to blame for problems of innocent victims.


Cyclops Baby

Image Source: www.funnyjunk.com


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