12 Most Emotionally Disturbing Scientific Experiments in History that were truly Shocking

Humanity is indebted to Science for without it life-saving discoveries would not be possible. Unfortunately, science has also been misused for nefarious experiments that do nothing for the greater good except provide a result equally sinister in application. On one hand we have the likes of Edward Jenner who invented vaccination and then we have those who invented the tool of destruction, the atom bomb. Here are 12 of the most disturbing scientific experiments in history.


12 Glow-In-The-Dark Pigs

A weird experiment was conducted by the South China Agricultural University in 2013. Embryos of piglets were injected with DNA from jellyfish produced what the scientists claimed as piglets that glow in the dark. They also claimed that the health and lifespan of the animals were not affected. The purpose of the experiment was to use the dark pigs to test new drugs for producing cheaper medication for human consumption.


Glow-In-The-Dark Pigs

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11 Dr. Mengele’s Sadistic Experiments on Twins

Among all the horrifying experiments conducted by the notorious Nazi scientist Doctor Josef Mengele, the case of the twins was most infamous. Working at Auschwitz, Mengele would inject one of a set of twins with disease to observe how the other twin would react. He once tried to create conjoined twins by stitching their bodies and blood supplies together. If one twin died, he would kill the other to dissect and study their bodies.

Dr. Mengele’s Sadistic Experiments on Twins

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10 CIA Brainwashing

The CIA was not far behind in disturbing science experiments. In 1954, the CIA’s brainwashing experiment codenamed Project QK-HILLTOP used Communist Chinese techniques to break down a person’s beliefs and train him to believe in something else entirely. The man behind the experiment was Dr. Harold Wolff who experimented on live subjects using methods such as torture, drugs and hypnosis.


CIA Brainwashing

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9 Artificial Blood

In 2004, Northfield Laboratories introduced artificial blood in hospitals across the US. IN a series of live human trials, Patients were administered the artificial substitute, PolyHeme without their knowledge. As a result, many of the subjects died as the substitute narrowed blood vessels causing aneurysms and heart attacks.

Artificial Blood

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8 An Experiment on Attachment Theory

American psychologist Harry Harlow conducted an experiment on rhesus monkeys to test the attachment theory that states the idea how young mammals form bonds with their parents and adults when very young. He placed a monkey made from cloth as a surrogate mother among a group of baby monkeys and found that they indeed formed an attachment. To prove the bond, he removed the cloth monkey leaving the poor baby monkeys distraught without their parent.


experiment on rhesus monkeys

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7 Experiments on Skin Conditions and Medications conducted on US Prisoners

In 1951, Doctor Albert Kligman arrived in Holmesburg prison in Philadelphia and began conducting experiments on inmates for research on skin medication. The experiments continued for 20 years where prisoners were paid to undergo procedures that sometimes were even painful and exposed them to harmful chemicals. All in the name of science.


Experiments on Skin Conditions

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6 Human Ear Grown on Rat’s Back in Japan

In 2016, Japanese scientists attempted to grow human ears from scratch rather than rebuild them from rib cartilage as per the current method. Their methods raked up controversy when images surfaced of a rat with a human ear growing on its back. Although this looked horrifying, the technique could prove beneficial for people suffering from genetic abnormalities.


Human Ear Grown on Rat’s Back in Japan

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5 Electroshock Therapy Used on Young Children

In the forties, electroshock therapy was used on patients for treating physical and psychological conditions. Dr. Loretta Bender took things too far when she started using it on young children with even mild behavioral problems. She even reported that those who had undergone the shock treatment were less excitable and less anxious in the classroom. What is even more shocking is that till today, those who favor the treatment support its use in treating children with autism and brain disorders.


Electroshock Therapy Used on Young Children

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4 The Effect of Radiation on Reproductive System

Scientists in the sixties and seventies started conducting experiments testing the effects of radiation on the reproductive system. US prisoners were the most favored test subjects where they received a $ 25 fee for signing up for an experiment they were told would be safe. Instead, many of the test subjects reported higher rates of testicular cancer of which some resulted in death as a result of the radiation exposure.


The Effect of Radiation on Reproductive System

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3 The Botched Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford prison Experiment was conducted in a fake prison. The facility was set up to research and investigate the psychological effects of being a prisoner or a prison guard under controlled circumstances. The experiment ultimately went haywire where those in guard roles ultimately got carried away and started imposing harsh physical punishments on the acting prisoners, even depriving them of food and water. The prisoners in turn rebelled with an ultimate planned escape.


The Botched Stanford Prison Experiment

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2 Jurassic Park-Style Experiments

Jurassic Park wasn’t exactly fiction on celluloid. In 2013, scientists managed to clone the birth of the last ever bucardo. Although there isn’t anything wrong in resurrecting extinct animals, a section of scientists believe that de extinction could be harmful for the planet and risk the lives of existing animals including man as there is no telling what effect these species would have on the planet’s already sensitive and fragile ecosystem.


Jurassic Park-Style Experiments

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1 Scientist Created a Two-Headed Dog

Among the most disturbing scientific experiments, in 1959, A Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov went as far as to create a living two headed dog. He managed the horrifying experiment by using two dogs from a local pound and stitched the smaller dog to the larger. The stitching was done in such a way to connect their blood vessels together so that there would be a constant flow of oxygen and nutrients to the smaller dog. The two headed abomination lived only four days. Although the experiment was conserved both cruel and unethical, it actually paved the way for successful heart and lung transplants.


Scientist Created a Two-Headed Dog

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