11 Year old confronts cyber bullies and sets an example for all of us

You often get to hear cases of bullying in different stages of life. Most often, we hear sad stories of bullying and its adverse impacts on the victim. These stories actually demotivate us and make us feel very low. This is because most victims give up or give in too easily losing hope and confidence. But here, we are about to tell you the story of an 11-year old boy whose reaction to being bullied will certainly make you applaud the courage of this young kid. It may be beneficial for parents to do some research into something similar to this broadbandsearch internet safety for kids guide, as they can educate themselves and their kids on how to stay safe online. This could make such a difference when it comes to standing up to their bully. Before that, let’s just take a look at how bullying affects people.


1 Bullying and Its Impact On The Victim

Be it a workplace or a school, bullying is extremely common. Most bullies start taunting and swearing by pinpointing at your weaknesses and making you feel victimised. There are many adverse and long-lasting impacts of bullying. Here we have mentioned a few of these impacts:

Bullying and Its Impact On The Victim

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  • Bullying can make the victim have a negative image of himself
  • People who get bullied by groups often feel demotivated and depressed
  • Bullying may also greatly hamper your confidence and lead to lowered self esteem
  • In rare cases, bullying may even lead to isolation and anxiety

2 The Rising Trend of Cyber Bullying

The rising trend of using social media excessively has increased the cases of cyber bullying. As the internet permits posting comments and feedback without writing your actual name, the chances of cyber bullying further increases. While most readers may simply ignore or delete the comments, it will not end this trend of cyber bullying. To stop it, someone needs to speak up against the cyber bullies. That is exactly what this young 11 year old did.

The Rising Trend of Cyber Bullying

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3 Logan Fairbank Sets A New Example

John Fairbank and Logan Fairbank often posted videos of their fun time on Youtube. These videos also received real good response and viewership. There were however a few cyber bullies who posted truly negative comments. John Fairbank tried to hide these comments from Logan for a while but Logan discovered the comments eventually.

There were comments that referred to Logan as fat and some cyber bullies even used negative language to describe the fun videos. One of the bullies even stated that he wished Logan would die. There were also comments addressing him as stupid.

Logan Fairbank Sets A New Example

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John, his father, was hesitant to show Logan the comments because he knew the comments could get much worse. He preferred to ignore them but Logan did not share his views. Logan requested his father to film him, this time for a serious video. Logan read out some of the negative comments made on him and requested people to not repeat this. It is great to hear that a child so young had the courage to take such a step.


4 Response of People to His Confrontation

While Logan’s confrontation may not have changed the attitude of the bullies or to be specific cyber bullies, there were positive responses from others. Now, apart from the negative comments, there were comments that appreciated Logan for the courage to directly confront the bullies this way. Some even stated in their comments that the bullies actually envied Logan and that is the reason why they posted such negative comments.

Logan revealed that he wanted to show others that he could remain strong and unaffected inspite of whatever people said about him. He also added that people from around the world including Sweden, England and Israel have emailed the duo and this means a lot to Logan.

Response of People to His Confrontation

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5 Lesson To Learn From Logan

This new age kid who resides in Hartford, Michigan is a mentor for the modern generation. There are many lessons you must learn from this 11 year old. Instead of sharing posts of negative comments and cyber bullies, people should share the message this lad wishes to give to the world. Here we have briefly stated the messages conveyed by this young chap through his act of direct confrontation:

Lesson To Learn From Logan

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  • Age does not decide how strong you are, the true strength lies within
  • It does not matter what the world says about you provided you know yourself
  • If you take one right step, there would be hundreds who are willing to support you.

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