101-year-old man rescued from the earthquake rubble – an inexplicable escape!

Nepal was struck with a major earthquake on April 25, 2015. With its epicenter in a village called Barpak in Gorkha District, the earthquake was so strong it even shook some parts of Nepal’s neighboring countries. This is the only major earthquake that hit Nepal after the 1943 earthquake in Bihar. This particular one caught the Asian country completely unaware. Hitting at a shallow depth of 15 km, this lasted for almost 20 seconds. The neighboring areas like West Bengal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Assam, Orissa, Bihar, as far as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka felt tremors. The Earthquake was also felt in Southwest China, Pakistan and Bhutan.

1 The Gorkha Earthquake 2015

Nepal is a developing country with a low-income economy, which is why it depended on outside help. It is a landlocked country surrounded by the great Himalayas, which makes reaching out quite a difficult task. Hundreds, even thousands, were affected with a death toll that rose up to more than 7,500 in Nepal alone. Thousands injured who need immediate medical attention while hundreds of people are still missing. The search is on with strength of helpful neighboring countries. When the earthquake hit, there were around 20,000 foreigners in Nepal touring the Himalayas and its beautiful locales but some of them died while others were injured.

The Gorkha Earthquake 2015

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