A 10 Year old Cancer patient despite being bullied at school wrote a book with the most beautiful message to society

3 Luis teaches people to rise above prejudices

Luis suffered from retinoblastoma, a severe cancer of the eye and it ultimately had to be removed. In his own words ‘Even if you’re unusual, everybody is special, no matter how you are”. Luis message is simple. Even if you are being discriminated against, learn to believe in yourself and rise above the negativity and prejudices directed towards you.

Luis has long recovered from his disease but he still has to wear the prosthetic device and visit the hospital for regular checkups. When this young cancer survivor wrote a book he depicted characters as reflections of himself and urged people not to be intimidated by their handicaps but enhance their own uniqueness to stand tall in society. This little guy wants to be a scientist someday and is busy in writing his next book.

Luis teaches people to rise above prejudices

Image Source: www.scoopwhoop.com

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