A 10 Year old Cancer patient despite being bullied at school wrote a book with the most beautiful message to society

Resilience and belief in oneself is the preliminary foundation to success. To aspire to your own dreams takes courage and determination. The finest example of such virtues is Luis Collazo a 10 year old boy from Texas. This cancer survivor wrote a book at his young age but what’s amazing about him??? He suffered from cancer of a severe kind that lost him an eye but he never gave up.


Throughout life we hear inspiring stories like little Luis Collazo. Not only did he emerge victorious in a battle with cancer he was also a victim of bullying at school. We all can learn a thing or two from this little boy’s story.

1 It doesn’t matter how hard you get hit but how much you move forward

Luis Collazo from North Texas displays a mature sense of empathy and sensitivity than most ten year olds. His childhood was a rough one as he was constantly bullied at school. What was most tragic was the constant taunts received because of his prosthetic eye which he lost to cancer.


However this little fighter didn’t give up. As a cancer survivor who wrote a book, he was a perfect example of the saying “it doesn’t matter how hard you get hit, It matters how you keep taking the punches and moving forward’’ remember the line from ‘’Rocky Balboa”?

Luis Collazo from North Texas

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2 A book with an inspiring message

Luis Collazo has published a book with the most motivational message ever. His book titled ‘’Todd the Odd Boy’’ is a reflection of his own story and how in the face of adversity and discouragement, he emerged victorious as the true embellishment of the strength of human character. Luis has spoken out his own story in the most special way he could think off.

The constant bullying and taunts of being an alien with is prosthetic eye made him somewhat a recluse and shy, but that didn’t stop him from voicing his emotions in his writing.

A book with an inspiring message

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3 Luis teaches people to rise above prejudices

Luis suffered from retinoblastoma, a severe cancer of the eye and it ultimately had to be removed. In his own words ‘Even if you’re unusual, everybody is special, no matter how you are”. Luis message is simple. Even if you are being discriminated against, learn to believe in yourself and rise above the negativity and prejudices directed towards you.

Luis has long recovered from his disease but he still has to wear the prosthetic device and visit the hospital for regular checkups. When this young cancer survivor wrote a book he depicted characters as reflections of himself and urged people not to be intimidated by their handicaps but enhance their own uniqueness to stand tall in society. This little guy wants to be a scientist someday and is busy in writing his next book.

Luis teaches people to rise above prejudices

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